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kettlebell military press

  1. James Sullivan

    Kettlebell Pressing a kb heavier than 1/2BW? How'd you get there?

    I'm curious to hear about how folks have achieved a heavier than 1/2BW kb press... Thanks!
  2. mvikred

    Kettlebell Question regarding Kettlebell Press

    I've observed something very weird today (maybe not weird because there is an explanation) when I was pressing. So here's the background to my question. 36kg KB is my 1RM. Typically for pressing I always cheat clean (with 2 hands) and then get everything aligned and then press. Today I was...
  3. JR47

    Kettlebell Ultra Minimalism - Victorious

    At the moment I am ironing out some injuries using ashtanga yoga and LISS running (each 3 times a week.) I am looking for an absolute 'minimal effective dose' strength program to add a 'tension practice'. Here is my question: Would working up to heavy kettlebell presses (using something...
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