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  1. Not_JonB

    Kettlebell 4 day split S&S - Multiple Get Ups by Jay Weedall

    Howdy Folks, Has anyone done this but with a 4 day split rather than the 5 day split? Combined with the standard S&S warm up and Swings? I'm currently running S&S MON, WED, FRI, and SAT as a light day or test day...
  2. StrongFirst

    Kettlebell [NEW ONLINE COURSE] Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

    Ladies and gentlemen, Kettlebell Simple & Sinister, the training program that has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, is finally available as an online course. Watch a top quality instructional video featuring StrongFirst Certified Instructors @Pavel Macek and @Justyna...
  3. Dan Riley

    Kettlebell Timeless Simple Beyond The Prescribed 3-4 Days A Week?

    Been a lurker of this forum since I bought my first 16KG kettlebell along with Pavel's Simple & Sinister back in late February 2020, so this is my first time posting. Happy New Year All. Just this last month, I finally achieved Timeless Simple, which for me--someone who was very much out of...
  4. Other/Mixed A simple program I thought some of you might enjoy

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share a simple program I created to help me get back in shape and fight the winter blues. It's fairly minimal and can be done quickly, but it works through 5 major movement patterns and can be pretty challenging! For this workout you'll need a mace and one or two...
  5. Carl

    Other/Mixed Less Can Be More (Strength & Hypertrophy)

    Interesting Dan John post this week on his blog arguing the case for simple and relatively low volume work: I quote: "We need the increases in strength, hypertrophy and mobility that come with proper strength training. The amount needed to do this is far less than most people think. The...
  6. Andrej SK

    Kettlebell 15 min x 3 per week. Recommendation of routine for busy guy !

    Hello guys, I decided to issue this thread to finally address my point and gain different opinions that will help me establish my long-time routine. I'm one of those busy-working-wife & 2 small kids-kind of guy who just wants to somehow compensate his sedentary lifestyle and find a routine that...
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