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  1. Bodyweight Making strength gains with sub-optimal sleep

    I'm in the military and we typically only get 8 hours dedicated to sleep. But it obviously takes a little time to fall asleep and you need to wake up a little earlier so that you can shave, brush your teeth, and make it to PT 15 minutes early. So you're getting about 6 1/2 to 7 hours of sleep a...
  2. Chrisdavisjr

    Off-Topic Sleep and insomnia - tips and tricks?

    I've been having a hard time with sleep recently. What tips, tricks, secrets and strategies would you fine gentlefolk recommend for when quality sleep is hard to come by?
  3. Kettlebell Cooling down and going to sleep

    Hello Friends, Do you have any tips on how to properly cool down to help induce sleep as well. I read somewhere that its best to workout 3 hours before you sleep so that the body can cool down. problem is I do not have that convenience. When I workout I have a couple of minutes till I need to...
  4. Tom Furman

    Kettlebell Quick & Dead and Sleep.

    Simply observation, anecdote and N=1. Myself and others get deeper sleep on Q&D workout days. Has anyone else noticed this phenomena?
  5. Adam R Mundorf

    Other/Mixed Sleep

    Hello Everyone, How much sleep does everyone here get? What do you do to optimize your quality of sleep? Do you find lack of sleep or too much sleep affects your workouts in a meaningful way? Thank you, Adam
  6. Other/Mixed Insomnia caused by training to failure?

    Is it possible for high intensity strength training done to failure to be causing problems with sleep? I’ve been using this method for about 3 months, I basically do one workout a week, it consists of bodyweight movements done with a slow cadence to failure. I feel fine in general, but I have a...
  7. Snowman

    Other/Mixed Training as a Parent

    I was thinking about the evolution of my training over the 9 months since my son was born, and thought it might be a worthwhile thread to bring up some things like: How has your training changed since becoming a parent? How has you training changed as your kids have gotten older/how has it...
  8. Will Moore

    Other/Mixed Article: Working while sleepy? You might as well do vodka shots at your desk

    This sleep related article popped up on the radar yesterday. Hope you find it helpful or at least a reminder to work towards quality nap and sleep. Working while sleepy? You might as well do vodka shots at your desk | David Ferguson
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