2019: Goals?


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Do you have any goals for 2019? I'm interested to know what you all aspire to achieve next year as reading about your stories on these forums is a source of inspiration, amazement and awe. I am consistently astonished by what is possible.

I'll kick things off in unorthodox fashion by not answering my own question :confused:

A few years ago I heard an interview with Sir Dave Brailsford (the mastermind behind the British cycling team 'medal factory' and the professional cycling team, Team Sky). Sir Dave spoke about a key factor in his success with those teams being attributable to focusing on the process not the goal. I've been mulling this over for a while now and I think the basic idea is that the goal guides you to where you'd like to go, but it is the process that will get you there. Ever since then I've been transitioning my way of thinking towards improving my processes, habits and skills. Consequently my objectives for next year are to improve my strength skills, my bike handling skills and to be consistent in my practice of beneficial skills and habits.

For what it's worth I do have some goals, which are to achieve the simple standard and to complete at least one wild camping expedition. I might just push myself to do a camp in January because what I'd really like is to complete one a month for the next year.


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@offwidth can't remember where I heard this, kind of similar to the old "measure twice and cut once", but "spend 1 minute on setting the goal and 59 on creating the process".

My physical goals that are strength related are two:
A) build base for end of 2019 or early 2020 SFG. Will use S&S and/or A&A inspired protocols to achieve this on the "variety" days of the below goal.
B) I'd love to be able to do a "mini Beast Tamer". 32kg Press, Pistol and Pullup. This will take some work. Currently I can press 32kg R, only the 28kg L, Pistol with the 24kg, and pullup with a 12kg. My process will be to work on these in a cycling "H-L-M" format. After a cycle I will take ~2 weeks of some more easy strength type of stuff (likely bilateral lifts) before cycling again.

Work related goals: Continue to improve my communication, empathy and the ability to create connection with clients. I'm working on going back to both of Jocko Willink's books on Leadership, am in the middle of Brene Brown's "Dare to Lead" and just the other day got my copy of "Conscious Coaching" by Brett Bartholemew. These are my pillar books that I think will provide me a great foundation to work on continually refining.

Personal - I'm getting married in September and can't wait to continue to foster that relationship with my soon to be wife!
I also want to get back to writing. I started a website with a blog that has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. I'm travelling for three weeks in January but once I'm back I need to create a system that will allow me to be more consistent and not fall off the wagon.

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More muscle - 5-8 lbs but 10 would be better.

Want to plan a 4 - 8 week block to do some experiments pairing Isometrics with a few other resistance modalities, various loading/set/rep schemes.

Prep for the NSCA PT cert and be ready to take the test at the drop of a hat. I am still unlikely to actually take the test as things stand, but I want to be ready for changing circumstances...


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I'd like to be able to train consistently. This year, a couple of months went to waste due to sickness.

I'd love to be able to consistently improve on my total, like at least the smallest plates a lift a try. I think I'll do four longer cycles next year so that would be at least 10kg a lift and 30kg in total. With luck, I can at times try for a 5kg increase.


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My goal is to train more consistently, more process-oriented than goal-oriented.
I also want to make 2019 my first year of longer-term planning and explore some ideas I've had for a while and put them to the practical test.
To this point I've just kind of finished a cycle of X, then randomly either stuck with X for the next cycle or went for Y or Z without any regard to the work done previously or the work to come.

My concrete goals are the same as 2018's: To forge a more resilient back and achieve a 48kg KB Military Press and 48kg Pull-up, but this time I won't put any deadlines on it. Haste tends to make waste.

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...focusing on the process not the goal. I've been mulling this over for a while now and I think the basic idea is that the goal guides you to where you'd like to go, but it is the process that will get you there...
The goal guides the process, then you can make and trust the process as the goal instead.

Goal: # Deadlift
Process: Russian Bear
New Goal: Don't miss any Russian Bear sessions​


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I have a lot of small goals that really boil down to consistency in my religious practices.

That being said April 6 is my first(maybe only lol) marathon.

After that I would really like to achieve simple, but I’ve honestly been enjoying the refining process during get ups so much that I tend to lose focus on the clock.

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Great Thread!

Goals (not training related)
1) Read 1 printed book a month.

2) Stay free of injuries - Zero injuries in 2019

3) Attend 1 StrongFirst Course

4) ZERO FaceB, Insta, etc. in 2019 (I deleted all profiles/accounts one month ago)

Goals (training related)
1) 5 x L Pull-Up with good form

2) 5 x Single Leg Squat (Pistols) with good form

3) 5 x Russian Dip with good form


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I am not a fan of numbers driven goals - that always feels unnatural to me. However, I believe in the importance of focus.

Last year I focussed on my end range strength and joint stability (I worked with a coach on this). Along the way my mobility and movement patterns have improved drastically.

Next year I want to build on that. My main focus is to get serious about S+S training.

Private focus: Finishing my doctoral thesis and enjoying my paternity leave in the summer.
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