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Kettlebell 48kg TG grip

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Ok, I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out my grip for Turkish getups when I started SS in summer of 2020, and I eventually figured out a grip that kept my wrist very strong and straight, and rested the round part of the bell on my forearm in-between the 2 forearm bones. This was comfortable and I felt really strong with it. This grip lasted me all the way from 16kg through 40kg

I recently (2 weeks ago) did my first sets with the 48kg and the weight felt exactly where I should be (which was awesome!), but because the 48kg kb is a different handle size, in both diameter and window, the bell is resting further down my forearm and its killing my left forearm.

I wonder if this 48kg bell has exposed a deficiency in my grip because I am in so much pain I have to take 4+ days off in-between sets and I am really grumpy not being able to keep progressing.

These are my first sets with the 48kg kb; I think the right hand TG video has the best view of the grip I use.

I have seen many articles that show a grip where the handle is going almost past the heel of the hand at such a strong angle across the palm, that the horn on the far side touches the forearm. My grip is no where near that strong of an angle and when doing this It rests almost entirely on my forearm bone.

Any suggestions would be awesome. I really hope I can stay on schedule for Timeless Sinister in June this year.

Try using a pair of wrist guards. That might help you in your training. It will take some of the pressure off. I also don't have massive forearms and anything 40kg+ used to hurt my forearms. Got myself a pair of wrist guards off amazon and made a great difference.
Another thing you can do is try to tilt the bell towards you when you grip it and then fix your forearm on the bell and then start your rep, for some people it works.
For the rest, big bells come with big problems for some people :).
Other people might have other solutions.
Nice solid lifts btw !
Apart from the advice of Daniel

At a certain level, you may need to do some out of the box approaches to build your wrist strength

Doing multiple getup reps with 40kg
Bridging the gap with 44kg
There's a thread here called Kettlebell get up grip... I don't know how to link it but you can find it typing zonin grip in the search box. That advice helped me (but I'm using half the weight compared to you).
Perhaps you could try this grip position as taught by Fabio Zonin and Shaun Cairns:

This one feels like a total game changer, every video and webpage i have found preaches the opposite, put your webbing in the corner not put your pinky side in the corner.

I just tried it out and I think it is going to work great. my arm are still too sore to try the left side, but the right side worked great.

Thank you very much for sharing this video. I am very hopeful now that I will be able to keep up my training with the grip adjustments.

I also ordered a set of kettle guard bands that have little plastic bands in them to spread out the pressure, but I do feel once my arms heal they probably won't be needed.
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