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I'm cycling 8 weeks in SS + 6 weeks in Q&D. However, on the off days, I end up (over)training anyway. Since I really like training 6 days a week, I figure it's best to have something sensible planned for the off days.

Could someone help me to find activities/exercises that would nicely complement SS and Q&D without interfering with the programs?

SS schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Tuesdays: ?
Thursdays: ?

Q&D schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Tuesdays: ?
Thursdays: ?
Saturdays: ?

Goals: strength, power, conditioning/endurance
Reaching sinister, hypertrophy, peaking for competition are not my goals. No access to barbells at the moment.


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Consider tension day:

But depending on what other strength training you do on other days, be mindful not to overtrain with overall weekly volume.


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I don't have off days. I do S&S daily, but if I feel like it would be good to easy a little, I do GTG Pistols and stretch more than usual. I also like to focus on mobility on such days.


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You could do some of the above and also add some breathing techniques. Buteyko and the Wim Hof method are great ways to spend your off time.


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- walking or easy running or easy jumping rope or swimming (when not in lockdown)
- breathing
- stretching and mobility (OS, flows)
- clubbells

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From what I've seen from @Harald Motz , maybe some long slow distance work to iron out some of the wrinkles. 30-90 minutes of walking ,running, biking ,rowing, etc, to exercise the aerobic pathway increase work capacity, and maybe aid recovery, maybe increasing adaptation rates in your progressions.


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PS: For Q&D you could likely do some TGUs on your off-days, as long as you keep them light enough. Maybe some carries, too. Maybe even some Goblet Squats or Front Squats. Focus more on movement patterns and endurance, be it strength endurance or aerobic endurance (locomotion).

Don't add another "program". Maybe do some social stuff, like playing tennis or hiking with your family.

Manuel Fortin

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For Q&D you could likely do some TGUs on your off-days, as long as you keep them light enough. Maybe some carries, too.
I have been doing exactly that: TGUs in moderation or carries (mix of waiter, rack, suitcase) on T,T with Q&D M,W,F, along with walks whenever I felt like it and 30-40 min slow jog 2-3 times a week, on non-Q&D days.

I did not feel any interference with Q&D and it complemented the program well. The trick is that Thursday/Tuesday are EASY. Don't go to failure and don't even try to get tired. That often meant only 4 getups each side, with a lot of rest in between. The jogs also are EASY. If you start huffing and puffing, you can have problems in the next Q&D session. Keep the huffing and puffing for those ;).

As to tennis, it depends on how competitive you get and what volume. I tried to maintain a snatching schedule last year with an active tennis season and had to lay back the snatches a lot. training both tennis and snatch the same day didn't work. If you snatch before tennis, you will have less energy for tennis. Also, your stroke may be affected. At least mine was. TGUs also before tennis were a no go, even a few hours before. If you muscle the racket, you may get away with it, but if you use modern technique that has "lag", you will mess up you technique due to fatigue. As to after, Q&D after a competitive match or a good training session will not be good. A competitive match on off days is also not ideal as you work a lot of the same muscles and energy systems in S&S, Q&D, A+A, ... snatch/swing.


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My 'on' days are BB + KB lifts, 3 x a week.

Today was an 'variety' day (2x week):

90 min walk, including 30 min uphill
Indian clubs + Adex heavy steel club practice
Inverted rows

Off days (2x week)
30 min walk
60 min yin yoga, plus roller if needed

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I don't know. Days off are just days off. Another way of thinking is if you need to fill your days off with other activities, maybe your regular programming isn't intense enough, or on the flip side, if you're filling it with restorative activities, maybe you're going too hard. Enjoy your life and do what you want. There is a life outside of fitness.

Don Fairbanks

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I would rotate the following:
Rest day 1, walk or jog, or walk and jog ( walk :60 jog :60 etc)
Rest day 2, ab's of choice, Stu McGill Big 3 + stir the pot and dead bugs.
Rest day 3, easy bike ride, 180-age hr range.
Rest day 4, Untying 4 Knots (Jon Engum) 4 or 5 rounds.
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