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Kettlebell Geoff Neupert asks for beta testers for THE GiANT X and KETTLEBELL MAXIMORUM

Sounds interesting I would love
to be in a position to help out there.

Looking forward to seeing the final versions of both products next year!
I think if you have access to a good selection of kettlebells, why not? I got the email and wish i had a bigger selection of bells. The maximorum seems right up my alley. Jeff’s programs are always top notch!
This was probably sent out to customers of his GIANT program that he is aware of. It is probably not an appropriate post for the StrongFirst Forum. He is looking for just a handful of reliable testers experienced with his programs who will follow the program to the letter and commit to giving him the data. Standard for good program design in this field.
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Can someone post a link to read about the programs? I tried above and it didn't work
Geoff is looking for Beta Testers for 2 new programs, which he is going to release Q1 or Q2 next year. BETA TEST 1: ‘THE GIANT X’ and BETA TEST 2: Kettlebell MAXIMORUM...
What do you think?__

I got the email, but unfortunately I can't press overhead, which is a requirement for these programs.
I would love to, but bullet 2 is the show stopper. Good luck guys.

Injury free? Yeah, I'm waiting for something to go twang myself. Though, in all honesty, I've been following Geoff's directions of don't go too heavy, and it's been working out. I jumped on Giant X, and will start it tomorrow.

Geoff, when we finish this, we need to get some t-shirts made that say Giant X World Tour (Akron, Canton, Youngstown), cause it really sounds like an early 80's punk band.
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