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Other/Mixed Good health habits that take no extra time

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)


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Since time is short I want to make sure all the parts of being healthy that take no time are on point in my life, alongside strength/cardio/mobility training.

For instance:
- Healthy diet
- Good sleep hygiene
- Practice good posture throughout the day.
- Wearing barefoot/no shoes instead of regular ones to strengthen feet.
- Learning to breathe well, slow nasal breathing during the day.
- Standing desk for work (or changing position/moving often ot both!)
- Treadmill desk (I haven’t tried/got one yet but would like one in future).

All things that take no extra time than unhealthy habits but can help us on our health/longevity goals.

Does anyone care to share any more?
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Great list so far.

If you work at a computer, I’d add that it’s important to take regular eye breaks to focus on objects in the distance. I’m not good at remembering to do this!
Good addition and definitely something I slack on now I work from home (was a lot easier back in a large office as I didn’t have to go to a window to look further than 6 feet).


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Get some daylight in the morning in your retinas (skin doesn't work) to set your circadian rhythm. It's not a problem if it's cloudy outside (there are apps such as Light Meter for your smartphone that can show you how strong a light source is; compare bright indoor light and seemingly dark cloudy day - it's a massive difference). As you approach bedtime, limit the light you are exposing yourself to.

I also found some morning excercise beneficial, something on the lines of the Great Gama Protocol which takes like 5 minutes. I'm 27 but I can still feel the rejuvenating effects.

Otherwise a nice list and a nice thread, I'll keep an eye on others' takes :)


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1. sit on the floor.
I'm planning to get a very low desk for my office. maybe 30-40cm off the ground so I can squat or kneel or sit in lotus position at work. Just waiting for my new contract and will then bring up this cultural change ;) I'm usually in a comfortable pair of jeans/pants and only wear a suite for infrequent face-to-face customer engagements, so it shouldn't be a problem. Thank the 'vid pandemic for this one.

2. Intermittent Fasting. along with good diet.

3. Breathe better. you said it upfront. I want to repeat :)

4. take the stairs instead of escalators/elevators.

5. Drink more coffee/tea/water at work. This forces you to get up from your desk and walk to the kitchen so ofthen then to to toilet as well :) and you stay hydrated!

6. cut out sugar in drinks and sugary foods. I leave my sugar rush for the single weekly chocolate slab.


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It's much better to skip a meal than eat heavily processed or super unhealthy food if that's the the only option.
It's actually win-win. Even if you are not into intermittent fasting - when you are hungry, your body produces ghrelin, which was suppossed to be only hormone of hunger for a long time. But recent research discovered that the role of ghrelin is much more complex - it's even cardioprotective.
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