Gray Cook on Loaded Carries for SF

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by conor78, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. conor78

    conor78 More than 500 posts Certified Instructor

    I remember reading that Gray Cook valued loaded carries but in this clip he mentions how important they are in terms of Strongfirst and avoiding getting "smoked" in the TGU and other SF core movements.

    Maybe its time to work them back in.
  2. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides StrongFirst Director of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Instructor

    This is another of those "everyone needs to watch this" things. Seriously, everyone needs to watch this.

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  3. Anna C

    Anna C More than 5000 posts Elite Certified Instructor

    Awesome clip! I believe it 100%.
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  4. Jeffro

    Jeffro Triple-Digit Post Count

    Nice talk, thanks. I think carries are gold, and have been meaning to work them even more. Interesting quip at the end, 75% bodyweight split in each hand, for a minute and a half. Unfortunately I dont have the right weights to test it without making a sandbag or something. But I'm up to a minute with 87% BW so I think I'd be close.
    I've just been doing farmer style, but I've been meaning to get around to Cook's overhead to rack, to suitcase style. I think this motivated to try it at least once this coming week.
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  5. MattM

    MattM SFG1 Certified Instructor

    This is good, thanks for posting it
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  6. Sean M

    Sean M Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    75% split, does that mean 37.5% in each hand?

    I do 32kg suitcase and rack carried about once a week, can definitely tell it has helped my grip and my stability with heavy (32kg) getups.
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  7. Kettlebelephant

    Kettlebelephant Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    The way @Jeffro writes it I understand it as 75% in each hand. I haven't watched the video yet, but if it's just 37.5% in each hand for 1.5min once, it's a total joke. That's why I think 75% per hand is correct.

    EDIT: I just watched it and change my answer to 37.5% per hand is correct, because he says if you can't do it it's a problem, because it's relatively easy, hence me calling the task a joke earlier.
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  8. MikeTheBear

    MikeTheBear More than 500 posts

    Well, now I know what I need to work on.
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  9. Jeffro

    Jeffro Triple-Digit Post Count

    Yeah I took it to mean 37.5% each hand, and as a minimum not a goal. I've only relatively recently started paying attention to carries, and have only done 2x32 kg at a body weight of 74ish kg. So I dont have a good gauge of what is a joke, decent, or hardwork. But I can tell they are worthwhile for sure. My next bells down are 24's and Ive never tried but feel like I could carry them for 5-10 minutes. Maybe I'd be surprised though, strength does not = endurance after all.
  10. Neuro-Bob

    Neuro-Bob More than 2500 posts

    The problem with carries is that the kettlebells are heavy......that's the same problem that is preventing me from achieving Sinister! Sheesh!

    So I guess I'll add these to the daily routine. Thanks for sharing!
  11. StanStan

    StanStan Triple-Digit Post Count

    Would you do them right after S&S?
  12. wespom9

    wespom9 More than 500 posts Certified Instructor

    Has anybody else noticed a massive difference in carrying kettlebell's versus dumbbells? I can carry two 70 lb KB's in each hand much easier than I can two DB's of the same weight. The weight under the hand in KB carries seem to help.

    @StanStan - I have incorporated them right after S&S. Mostly Farmer or Suitcase Carry

    I have also experimented with what Gray Cook has discussed and what Dan John calls the "Cook Drill" - 6 position, OH to rack to suitcase and then changing to the easier position then changing hands for a total of 12-15 minutes - and it is challenging! I have heard in the past Gray Cook recommend using a bell for this that you can bottom's up press with both hands, which for me is a 16kg bell.
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  13. Jeffro

    Jeffro Triple-Digit Post Count

    I sometimes do em right after sas, more often later in the day. Scheduling issue, not that I think its better.
  14. Eric

    Eric Double-Digit Post Count

    Hello Stan,

    I have not done carries (which evidently is a big mistake based on the video) so unfortunately can't address your question directly.

    But I tried doing TGU's with DB's since it would provide me a much larger set of weights to choose from and incremental progression.

    Paradoxically TGU's were much worse for me using a DB. Which is saying something because my right shoulder has been 'scoped twice. Maybe having the weight behind your hand forces the shoulder better into its socket. It's all I can think of.

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  15. MattM

    MattM SFG1 Certified Instructor

    @wespom9 DBs try to roll out of your hands, KBs don't.
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  16. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides StrongFirst Director of Community Engagement Staff Member Senior Instructor

    Yes, and I think the idea is to walk, not just stand there.

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  17. wespom9

    wespom9 More than 500 posts Certified Instructor

    Yup, just really awkward.

    Yep, its almost a "dynamic plank". Upper body stability while under dynamic lower half mobility. In the new FMS offering, the Fundamental Capacity Screen, the Farmer Carry with 75% body weight is one of their capacity screens. From the sounds of it, they've gotten a ton of data on this stuff. Hoping to learn more about this when I go in May!
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  18. HUNTER1313

    HUNTER1313 More than 500 posts

    Glad I do farmers walks after my S&S. I may try the the loaded carry Gray mentions.
  19. Faisal

    Faisal More than 300 posts

    I've never really tried farmers carries but after watching that clip I will definitely try and incorporate them in to my routine either as a warmup or at the end. I just tested walking with a pair of 32kg bells (@75kg bw) and I managed 1 min 30 seconds, I could have carried on for a little longer but probably not much. Heart rate jumped to around 95 (based on FitBit so not very accurate), sat down to type this message and it is now back dow to 55.

    Thank you @conor78 for sharing this.
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  20. Wesker11

    Wesker11 More than 300 posts

    It's my day off, but I might have to try the Cook drill later on today.
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