How long you train with kettlebell?

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Matija Nakani, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Glen

    Glen Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Did an introduction to kettlebells course by an RKC back in 2005 - bought a 20kg Bell off him, used a bit but minimal.

    Strange to think its been that long
  2. Jacques van der Merwe

    Jacques van der Merwe Triple-Digit Post Count

    It's amazing to see so many of you with 10+ years of experience! As the rookie of the group, I've been absolutely smitten with Kettlebell practice since starting in January this year, and looking forward to joining the decade-club one day! :)

    Happy Easter folks.
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  3. mikhael

    mikhael Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    Bought my first pair of bells 5 or 6 years ago, I guess.
  4. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

    April 2016 I had my first introduction with a kettlebell. But I got serious with them in summer 2017. So let's say 2 years. As a guy with relative small hands they don't seem to be the most convenient tools for me to use. However they gave so much ! More than 10 years of dumbbell work in terms of real-world strength.
  5. runninggirevik

    runninggirevik More than 300 posts

    Since 2005-2006.
  6. iron&flint

    iron&flint Double-Digit Post Count

    You've probably ended up with greater grip improvements than most. Silver lining?
  7. Shawn90

    Shawn90 More than 500 posts

    silver lining ???

    i definitly learned to use (and grow) my glutes and my back got Strong. Im sure grip strength and endurance increased alot. I believe 1 handed swings eventually enabled me to close CoC #2 gripper with right AND left. But I pay little mind to grip strength. Also my job got alot ''lighter''
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  8. iron&flint

    iron&flint Double-Digit Post Count

    @Shawn90, I was a bit vague with the ‘silver lining’ comment, sorry.

    I was thinking of the KB benefits that people with larger hands may have missed out on which you haven’t, and which you’ve detailed. The inconvenience has obviously paid off!
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  9. taro

    taro Triple-Digit Post Count

    Sience November 2009...
  10. H. Mac

    H. Mac Double-Digit Post Count

    I’ve been KB-ing for 18 years.

    I bought three pairs -16s, 20s, and 24s - all for about $120 back in 2001 from a sporting goods store that was going out of business. I had no idea how to use them, but they seemed well made, and after all these years, they still have the most perfect handles of any cast KBs I’ve seen.
  11. Nate White

    Nate White Double-Digit Post Count

    I started training with kettlebells 7 years ago as a way to improve my strength as a competitive cyclist. Lets just say that I got bit by the kettlebell bug with a lot of help from some great SFG coaches/mentors and Dan John. Now, I mostly train for strength with the bells and cycle on the side. ;)
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  12. q.Hung

    q.Hung More than 500 posts

    since September 2016
  13. Sauli

    Sauli Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    On-off from 2009 or something like that. I just pressed 40kg first time yesterday. So progress has been slow, but steady. :D
  14. masa

    masa More than 2500 posts

    I started to practice with kettlebells on December 2011. Barbell training before that, but now kb is my main instrument.
  15. TravisS

    TravisS More than 300 posts

  16. Boicis

    Boicis Double-Digit Post Count

    37 years.
  17. Jon_Frost

    Jon_Frost Double-Digit Post Count

    I found Pavel when his first stretching book came out around 2000, 2001? Bought my first kettlebell when the first RKC book came out and DragonDoor started selling them. Still going strong. I don't post much here but still read the forums and was very active on the DD forum for years. This thread has prompted me to start a new one and ask a question....:)
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  18. Riley O'Neill

    Riley O'Neill Triple-Digit Post Count

    Messing around with no real plan or knowing what I was doing - 2013/2014
    Read Enter the Kettlebell Jan 2015. Focus on Turkish getups every day and swings when I was up to it
    Read Simple and Sinister Jan 2016. Focused on that exclusively.
    Joined Karen Smith's REFiNE in November 0f 2017. Still working on that to this day.

    Plenty of generous breaks whenever I felt I needed them.
  19. Ray Robinson

    Ray Robinson Double-Digit Post Count

    I started about nine years ago. I wanted to train with weights, but didn't want to get an entire barbell set. One day I'm waiting for my haircut, leafing through one of those men's fitness magazines when I saw an ad for an adjustable kettlebell. I bought it, quickly outgrew it, and bought heavier, non-adjustable ones. Found out about Pavel and then Strongfirst, and have stayed hooked. Frankly, this forum has helped me maintain momentum; every few days I get some new insight.
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  20. Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa Double-Digit Post Count

    Bought my first kettlebell in 2013. Have not trained consistently since then, but ROP and S&S are the main programs I have used.

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