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Old Forum I could use a little help with my SFG prep.

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a few getup pointers I can share with you:

you can spread your feet more further apart

do the getup slowly

on the way down, to return to the kneeling windmill, its best if your palm is aligned with your knee

use tension on the way down to assure a safer lowering..

Hop this helps :) If you need a vid for reference, just let me know :)

Thank you Mr. Lambaga.  I appreciate all of your tips and will work them when I train getups tmrw.  Yes, if you have a preferred getup video please post the link.  There are a million different videos of the getup but it would be nice to have one closest to the SFG standard.

The 24 kg is starting to feel like less of a beast since I got it 2 weeks ago.  I dont think I will be able to do a getup with it for some time but the 1-arm swings are better this week as compared to last week so I'll call that progress.

Thanks to everybody helping me on my journey.



Getup here you go my friend.. a compilation of some getup vids of mine.. hope this helps.. goodluck in your SFG prep
Your snatches look 10 times better now form the first video. That means your practicing has been working. Great job! ( Love the music by the way \m/ \m/) If you just keep working on your one arm swings and get ups it will make your skills more refined. Your snatches looked good. Nice pause and lockout at the top. Keep working up your volume and you'll be fine. You are on your way to becoming an SFG!!!!
Stephen  - looking good, keep up the hard work.  I was in Houston and it was an amazing weekend.  I have a few suggestions.  On your snatch, match your breathing with your hips, not the lockout of the snatch.  You should be breathing at the same as you do in your swing.  Also, here's a link to some getup progressions to help loosen hips and shoulders from Brandon
Thanks for taking the time to put together that great playlist on the Getup Mr. Limbaga.  Looking forward to watching it all in detail and getting my getup going strong.

Thanks for the lift  Mr. Sousa, I'm not used to getting any positive feedback like that and I very much appreciate it. I'm 42 but can be like a 15 y.o. on any given day.  Yesterday a  couple of yoga students said I looked like I'm getting bigger and I got some ridiculous response from my ego :)

Mr. Rosenthal - thanks for your input.  At one point I studied snatch breathing but as I got into the body mechanics of the exercise I think I forgot how to breathe properly.  I will keep working on it and hopefully you will be able to hear the difference in my next videos.

Friends, when I made this post a couple of weeks ago I just started working with the 24 kg bell and was terrified of it.  Thanks to your support and motivation the bell seemed to physically shrink this past 2 weeks.  I am not kidding when I say it actually looks smaller today than it did when I first got it.   The heavy 1-arm swings recommended by Mr. Freides are really making a huge difference!  My initial estimate of how long it would take to do an SFG was 1-5 years but now I feel like I have a good chance to get their in 1-2 years if I can continue avoiding injuries.  Looking forward to training and posting more videos for review.

Power to you!




Hello friends. It's been a great month of training! I spent the past 4 weeks practicing 1-arm swings and getups. Here's my first attempts with the 24 kg on both sides. It's actually my first time ever doing it with my left side which was always weak from an old dislocation. Please feel free to critique strongly, I can take it :)

Here's the 1-arm swing with the 24 kg bell. I'm not afraid of this bell as much as I was a month ago. I have not been practicing snatches at all but will make a video and post it later today. Hopefully I posted these vids properly.
a marked inprovement in swings..


getups, remember you still need to emphasize every phase going down so focus on that..


keep up the good work :)
thank you, hope you learned a ton, if you can nail the lowering portion of the getup, I'l be a very happy camper :)
Have not been practicing snatches but the 1-arm swings and getups are definitely making me stronger! Please critique my newest snatch video before I start thinking I know what I am doing.
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