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Kettlebell Janelle Pica - POWERFUL PRESSING book/program

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This program would actually be a great way to further boost pressing strength after a cycle of KB Strong
I'm tempted to purchase but it is a bit unclear what I would be getting from the write up.

Without giving Janelle's programme away can someone give a bit of insight / review - is it significantly different from RoP or the assistance exercises Pavel brought out in the 'RoP sooner' PDF.

I stalled out on the later weeks of 28 kg run through of RoP - mainly suffering from too much volume / time demands. I think my general form on C+P is OK - but no better than that - i definitely struggle with lat engagment and getting tight enough.

If you think this programme would be suitable / helpful that would be great to hear.
You have to respect anyone who can lift two 28's at 5'4", she must be doing something right.

Is the program focused purely on pressing ?
I started Janelle's program in the beginning of April when it first came out. I haven't done RoP so I can't make a comparison there, but Powerful Pressing is a 4-day program geared toward increasing your 1RM military press. It is divided into 4-week phases with weekly progressions, and there's a deload/testing week between each phase. No two days within a week are the same in format, so while the goal is to increase military press performance, it includes other movements like TGUs, clean/swing ladders, squat ladders, pull ups, etc., to build lat strength. There are also warm-ups and cool-downs geared toward shoulder mobility. In phase 1 the sessions take less than 30 min including warm-up/cool-down time.
Yes the program attacks your 1RM press in quite a fun and different way.

You will need doubles and be confident in your DCL,DMP,FSQ and SSP

This is a program that you will need a few pairs and some light and heavy singles too.

Not for beginners.
Sounds good. I don't feel quite ready for doubles work yet so I will save it for later, great to see new programmes coming out.
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