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Brothers and Sisters in Iron,

Pavel’s new book Kettlebell – Simple & Sinister is available now.
For the very first time, you can have Pavel’s work in three different formats:

• Paperback – Get the full-color experience HERE for $17.95. 

• Kindle – Get it HERE for $9.95. 

• And even Audiobook, read by Pavel himself. Get it HERE for $6.95.

If you are new to kettlebells, Simple & Sinister is your entry point. If you have been around the kettlebell block, S&S will deepen your understanding of the hard style system and introduce you to important subtleties of technique and programming.

“Sinister and fantastic.”
– Dr. Stuart McGill

“Pavel’s latest work Kettlebell – Simple & Sinister covers not only the theory behind kettlebell training, but narrows the programming down for you to two simple exercises and progressions, that require only a couple of kettlebells.”

“The coolest part is that it features Pavel’s latest coaching cues and teaching drills. Without attending a live workshop or hiring Pavel personally, this book is the closest thing to learning all the nuances that separate a master coach from the masses. Great investment for coaches and practitioners alike.”
– Alwyn Cosgrove

-Power to you!


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Thank you for supporting us.

I didn't want to seem the shill when I wrote the launch material, but when I received the proof copy of this book, I remembered how I felt when first holding a copy of Pavel's The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

I kept saying, "Man, this is way too simple."

It took me eight years to learn that simple does not mean easy, and that in expecting complicated things are better than direct action, depth of knowledge is not well appreciated.

I'm very proud to be associated with this work and with this organization.

Pavel Macek

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Master Certified Instructor
RKC book had lots of exercises and freestyle program - it introduced kettlebells into the Western world and caused a major shift in today's strength and conditioning. Rage against the machines, back to roots - Sandow, Saxon, Inch, Klein, Hoffman, Liederman et al.!

ETK simplified the system to get ups, swings, cleans, presses, snatches and presented reliable PM/ROP programs, one of the best strength and conditioning programs ever. It saved lots of brain power, "do this" worked as magic. I got stronger - everybody got stronger.

Pavel's new book, S&S?

Everything is simpler that we believe: Eat your steak and veggies. Do your get ups and swings. Work and rest. Play and pray. "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Simple.

I am very happy with the way StrongFirst is heading - serious strength training for patient ladies and gentlemen instead of entertainment "fitness" and useless gadgets just for the sake of novelty.

Pavel, team StrongFirst, excellent job, thank you.


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Just ordered from UK, the book and shipping are great price. Looking forward to reading and absorbing this when it arrives.

Thank you Pavel, Mark and StrongFirst team.



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Another international order and I agree with Faisal, book and shipping are great price. And of course one gets paperback, should have had an option for signed by Pavel and it would be the perfect christmas gift to myself.


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Nice. I got the hardcopy with the discount and I also nabbed the kindle earlier this week. Viva Strong First!


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I am very interested in this as I have been away from KBs for a while as the volume required for ETK sometimes left me feeling tired.

I am guessing that, as per the ROP, if I am not an athlete with designs at competing at national level, this will be all I need for S & C for general wellbeing/for a recreational runner trying to work-up to half-marathon level?



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Not sure if it will be all you need, but it will be enough for general strength and conditioning and an excellent starting point for your longer-term goals.


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Thanks, Mark. Does the book walk you through get-up technique? I have always been unsure I have done them correctly!


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It does, in detail.

Get ups are like wives: the more time you spend with them, the better you are with them and the more benefits you receive from them.

And if get ups leave you, you still get to keep your stuff.

Mike Lindner SFG II

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It's works like this that remind me why I started my own journey with the kettlebell. Because it's simplicity is rivaled only by it's effectiveness at delivering results.

I'm seriously looking forward to joining the ranks of those who can achieve the Sinister goals one day.


Strength to us all!
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