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Kettlebell KB squats questions

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Looking for some insight from this community on how to strengthen and improve my legs using kettlebells. At the moment my training time is limited and I’m focused primarily on Muay Thai. I’ve always been predisposed to more hypertrophy on my upper body and my legs always kinda lagged. I strength train twice a week focusing mostly on swings get ups and bodyweight movements. I want to program double KB squats but I feel they are especially draining. The goal would be to improve performance and any increase in leg size would be much appreciated. Any tips or maybe previous articles posted on this site?? Thank you
For most people eventually the arms will become a limiting factor (more than the legs) for kettlebell squats (either goblet squats or double kettlebell front squats). If you're not there yet then any simple program should be helpful. Once you get there you'll probably want to explore other options. If you prefer to stick to kettlebells for lower body strength (rather than including barbells) then lunges and split squat variations will be your best bet.
I agree with the statement about double KB squats being especially draining, but that’s part of what makes them so effective. IMO, they’re by far the absolute best leg exercise, and are also great for the abs.

Perhaps there’s a way to minimize the draining effect - using lighter KBs, limiting the number of reps, taking a few seconds to rest between reps, or by working single sets of double KB squats in between other exercises, etc.

But because of their almost magical qualities, double KB squats are definitely worth doing.
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