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Mike Lindner

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I picked up these programs after seeing them advertised for a couple weeks and I am incredibly glad I did.


After reviewing the DVD and the materials that Master Trainer Neupert has provided for I feel incredibly educated and given some great cues for double bell work along with a road map to increasing my strength for a looooonnng time.


When I was done reading them all I actually closed the books, nodded my head and told my wife "I know what I need to do now" and went to order two new bells.


Thank you Geoff, thank you.
Ordered my copy of Kettlebell Strong recently, havent got it yet but looking forward to it. I always like Geoffs material.
Dan- Where did you order your copy? I haven't been able to find anything online or at Geoff's site....
Unfortunately, Dan, Geoff had said it was a limited time offer, so I don't think you can still order it.  Which is a major bummer, since I couldn't pick it up in December.
amazing stuff. I've been watching and reviewing the DVD's and reading through the books. My favorite actually is the "confidential" white booklet with months worth of programs and nutrition advice. I think that may be the path I take to prepare for the SFG in April
I think More Kettlebell Muscle alone is worth the weight of my bells in gold.


Might have to do the math later and see how long it would take someone to run through KB Strong, KB Muscle, and all of the programs in More KB Muscle.


Easily 3 years as written. Run through it all as chains instead of complexes and you doubled that time.


Excellent stuff indeed from Mr. Geoff Neupert
KB strong has become my reference for double bell technique in the same way ETK was for singles. Given that SFG certs are now all double bells, this was a phenomenal tool that came along at the perfect time for me.


I'm actually going through Geoff's new "KB burn EXTREME" program starting monday. 4 days of the most regimented and intense nutrition, programs and active recovery I've ever done. I'm both anxious and extremely excited to get started.
I am a big fan of Neupert, bought KB muscle 2 years back, trained had a medical and really impressed the doc with the strength of the pump of my heart -also missed this in dec but will purchase once available
Any updates from other who bought this? I have noticed some body composition changes and the double 24's are starting to feel lighter each time.


The swing workouts are hard as hell though
I have finished STRONG with 2 x 32's (Pro grade bells). I did the sessions 3 times a week. Warm up was Becoming Bulletproof , a few get ups / goblets. Then the workout with hip flexor stretchs in between sets, then some chins to finish. I rest one minute per the amount of reps in the set. (1 rep sets = 1 minute rest, 2 rep sets = 2 minutes rest etc..)

Have now moved onto STRONG Option 2 - the longer program. Pressing two times a week due to the increase in volume and doing swings 2 times a week. Not double swings, but Beast swings for approx 200 reps a session.

Results thus far? Shoulders and upper back are broader, legs more defined and feeling lean. I will post a video of my C&P form for some comment. I'd like some feedback on technique etc..
I am a big fan of Geoff's programs. i own KB Muscle, Burn 2.0, Burn Extreme, Express ans Express Ultra. They are all excellent.

I keep coming back to KB Burn 2.0. It's an awesome program for fat loss, strength and muscle...just adjust calorie intake and/or size of the bell and i am golden. It seems to be a great program for BJJ, too. I am generally able to overpower and outlast guys with way more experience.

Thanks, Geoff!
Finishing week 5 of Kettlebell Strong. For sure the bells I am working with are feeling much lighter. During the "Strong" program I have given no thought to time between sets. I usually shake out a bit & throw ball with my dog. When my C&Ps are done I have been practicing  double front squats and swings. With the front squats usually 3x3 or 2x5 reps, nothing specific.  With the swings any where between 50 to 100 reps total, in sets of ten or twenty.  Off days nothing to speak  of really,  usually a mile or two walk in five fingers and a few get ups.  Body comp has improved a bit, but I have done nothing eating wise to help this.   Anybody who would appreciate some instruction on double kb lifts I cant recommend Geoff's book and video enough.
@Pat - Glad you're liking the results. The longer option will produce even more.

@stlmike623 - Yup, the swing workouts are brutal.

@Baker - Thanks for your support! You found my dirty little secret with "Burn 2.0" - gave that trick to Franz Snideman a couple of years ago and he immediately packed on about 5 pounds. Glad it's helped you so much.

@Dan - Appreciate your kind words and glad to hear about your results. Uncovered some interesting research recently that explains your results - leaning out with no change in eating patterns. Will have to post it some day.
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