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Seriously Kettlebell Strong is a great product. The DVD's and Book explain everything very well and the plans are deceptively simple. Even better is if you have questions Geoff answers them via email in a timely manner.


Little update here. After loving KB strong and really dialing in my form on the lifts, (by the way, I've said in Geoff's inner circle that KB strong and KB express were what I used to prepare for the Boston SFG and they worked flawlessly) I'm halfway through the first program of More Kettlebell Muscle and woah. Seeing some serious muscle gain in my shoulders and upper back. the first program, aptly titled "the shoulder smoker" really lives up to its name. I decided to "go conservative" and "only" use double 16s and good lord am I thankful I did.


Workouts are short, time efficient, and BRUTAL. But brutal in the sort of awesome masochistic way.


I've over eaten slightly through this program and really have seen some impressive gains in my shoulders. My strength levels have also gone up, as I tested my handstand pushup the other day and am able to get full range for reps now comfortably.


I also don't work for Geoff ;-)  just a fan of genius programming
Either I am just better at Double Swings,Cleans because of Geoff's excellent cues on the Kettlebell Strong or it is the balance of the 2 bells. I am loving this.


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