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Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Technique Feedback

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some feed back on my 2 handed kettlebell swing. I attached a video of me performing the 2 handed swing, the swing feels good but it looks like maybe I’m not getting deep enough in the bottom of the swing. Should I be bending my knees more at the bottom of the swing? Any and all feed back is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Overall, looks pretty decent I would say.
Absolutely no need to bend your knees more. Think of your hips as a powerful hinge that generate all the force. Knees only bend as much as necessary but not more.
Some points:
-in the setup you could place the bell a bit more in front of you
-at the top position: your back looks a bit hyperextended but only a tiny bit.
To counteract this try to "break" with your glutes. The top position is basically a standing planck. Your tensed abs secure you from tippimg over and your tensed glutes from hyperextending. Drive hard througj your heels into the ground.

But looks solid overall. Keep it up!
I think for the most part it looks solid. A video that included your whole body would be easier to tell, but based on this angle I think it is a solid start.

Hard to see from the video, but how straight are your elbows? I feel like I'm seeing a slight "T Rex" component where your elbows stay attached to your torso a moment too long after your hips finish, so the elbows end up bending a bit and then after that the elbows leave your torso ... again a little hard to tell from such a close up view.
I'm seein the "T-Rex" thing, also. You appear to be trying to lift the bell up, rather than your hips "shooting" it forward. Think about your hips throwing the bell out in front of you, NOT up. As @Tony Gracia said, your elbows are attached to your torso too long; just let the bell go forward. Plank hard at the top.

Again, forward, not up!!

Your hip snap is terrific!! You're not far at all from having a really good swing.
Good job, just few minor tips:

- focus on better lower back position in the setup (in the swings it is solid!)
- lift your head a little bit in the bottom position of your swing
- try to extend your elbows a bit more (slight bent is ok).

Welcome to the StrongFirst forum, @Sergio , you are at the right place.
@Sergio , you are more than welcome!! Oh, one last tidbit. When teaching the swing I ask if the girevik(s) knows of Lebron James (rhetorical question). I then ask how many jump shots Lebron has shot in his entire lifetime (hundreds of thousands?) and what he does before every game....he practices his jump shot! I finish by saying that if Lebron has to practice his jump shot then I DARN sure have to practice my kettlebell swing! By practice, I think zipper/throw/plank. I bring the bell back to my zipper, use my hips to throw the bell forward, then plank hard.
Sergio, you already got some great advise on witch details you can improve, but I will give you one more just so you have something to do during the weekend :)

First, your swing looks really good already. But it is a skill and there is no end - it can always be better. Like Fabio Zonin Master instructor once said - "I did a perfect swing mistake."

So, what I find very useful to get more power from my hips is - focus on breathing in a bit longer than usually. The longer the breathing in part is, the more power I get from my hips. On the opposite, if you breath in short - you get less hip movement and less power from your hips.

Try it and see how it feels ;)
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