Learning and getting stronger


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It was late and I was tired and not so motivated:

Snatch 24 kilo:

4/4 EMOM 2 minutes + 1 minute break + 2 minute EMOM
Goblet squat 20 6+6
Sliding plank 3 reps


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I took a break from here because I hired Karen Smith as a personal trainer. We have contact over Skype, and she has written a training program to me. This has been a great experience. The program she made was both varied, interesting and still being in alignment with my goals. She has a lot of knowledge and is not trying to oversell anything.

I recommend having a personal trainer to all of you who are a bit short on self-discipline and who likes to jump from program to program (like myself).

Some of the things that I have learnt is to take it slowly, and to start easy and to gradually work yourself up to heavy weights and large volumes. This has been completely contrary to what I have done earlier on.

She did not ask me to write this, I just thought I should express gratitude when I felt it was justified.

Good luck to everyone :)
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