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Kettlebell Please check my form. New to training

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Hi guys, I'm new to kb training. Was wondering i could get some feedback on my form. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Video doesn't seem to be accessible.
Good start I must say. Work on finding the optimal power for each rep and set so you can make it as crisp as possible..

Try that first then we'll see how to progress after
I agree, looks good! Your set-up is perfect, your initial hike is good and aggressive, your breathing is effective, your grip and timing looks good, and it's a nice explosive swing. Awesome job.

Towards Mark's comment, "as crisp as possible", in the standing plank, stand tall. Full extension of hips and knees. Currently your hips and knees are a bit soft at the top of the swing. Hold the standing plank strongly until you break to the hinge.


The other thing I noticed is that on the way down from plank to hinge, you sort of lose the back position. It looks great on the way up, but would be better to have that strong flat back on the way down as well, so you don't have to "reset" to a strong back position while catching the kettlebell in the backswing. This will set you up better for a strong hinge that can absorb a lot of virtual weight from a very heavy kettlebell and then produce power to propel it back up again.

So, in these screen captures where the first is your downswing and the second is your upswing, try to make the downswing look like the upswing. The best way to pattern this is with a kettlebell deadlift. Big chest and packed shoulders on the downward motion. Do it slow with a deadlift, then do it fast in the swing.

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