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  1. SenseiBaldGuy

    Kettlebell Feedback on One Arm Swing Form Please

    Hello - looking for feedback on my 1AS form please. Been doing Q&D/S&S for awhile. Started at 35lbs, worked up to 62/70 lbs now for swings and TGUs. I can 2AS 70lbs no prob. On 62/70lb 1AS, I’m getting some rotation on torso but I don’t know if ZERO rotation is allowed or if some is going to...
  2. Barbell Deadlift form - newbie

    Hi folks Hope this is appropriate but I’m newly returning to lifting (I’m 40, haven’t really worked out too much for some years…). I’m very conscious of not getting injured. Might someone be able to give me a few pointers on my deadlift (which I really enjoy) Side on deadlift Face on Thanks
  3. Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Form Check

    Hello, I recently came across the video which showed that swing should be performed without twisting, as it was very dangerous for the back I know basic guidelines to perform the swing but I was wondering if I was doing something wrong unconsciously and was not performing correctly. Here is the...

    Kettlebell 2H Swing Form Check

    Hi everyone, just started out with KB training recently and would love some critique on my form for 16 KB 2H swings. I’m very good at spotting others issues but not my own somehow, I know it won’t be perfect. Any critique is welcomed, be as harsh as you’d like, I’m here to learn. Apologies if...
  5. Kettlebell Please check my form. New to training

    Hi guys, I'm new to kb training. Was wondering i could get some feedback on my form. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Form Assessment

    Hey All, I was very intrigued and inspired by Pavel Tsatsouline after hearing him on a couple of different podcasts. I decided to read Pavel's Simple and Sinister and to start the program. This is my first week of S&S and was just hoping to get some feedback on my Kettlebell Swing form. Thank...
  7. Barbell Barbell back Squat Form

    Would like to hear any bodies feedback on my squat form, it feel like My knees are going over my feet way too much however my bar path is solid? Any help would be appreciated. I couldn’t upload a video unfortunately
  8. nish1013

    Kettlebell Form check Get-Up

    I'm new to Get-up , recently did the StrongFirst one day course. I'm practising only using a shoe. I tried with 8kg KB and found my shoulder couldn't hold it. Did a test by doing the waiter's walk, seems like my shoulders get tired soon. Any feedback on form/technique would be greatly...
  9. Kettlebell Form Check: Worried Swings are Causing/Exacerbating Tennis Elbow

    Hi all, I've posted on here once before for a form check and it was very helpful. I have recently been trying to graduate to single arm swings with a 24kg bell. I felt like my two-arm swings were going well for a while. In the last week or two I have noticed tennis elbow starting to flare up...
  10. Francisco

    Kettlebell One-Handed swings form assessment

    Dear All, Lurker here, read most of Pavels books and decided to start kb training last July. Since then been doing S&S by the book (results have been great) and reading these forums - thanks everyone for so much wisdom on strength training!! So far so good, I love S&S’s simplicity and...
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