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Kettlebell ROP support group


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I have been working steadily on the ROP for a little under a year and have made great progress. I have pressed the 28 five time each arm and completed the ssst with the 16 (207 reps).

Currently I am back on the pm with intentions of restarting with the 28 for presses and the 20 for snatches In the new year.

i wanted to start a support group for those currently on the program. I thought it would be helpful to share tips tricks and progress. In my opinion until you have passed the rop there really are no other goals worth pursuing And too many people start this program and never finish it. i was hoping this thread could help people stay on track.

This program has it all and will certainly get you "entry level strong".

so please share your progress and let's get Strongfirst.
Congratulations on the great work.   I did the ROP for 6 months and then revisited it for  4 weeks last year.  I did 12 weeks with a 32 kg.  Got all the presses.  I snatched a 55 150 times in 10 minutes and decided to move on to doubles and something else.  I still do ladders with presses just not the ROP.

Why are you doing the PM again?  Start pressing, swinging and snatching!
wow! Awesome work yourself. I can see my press goal on the horizon but that snatch goal gives me cold sweats.

I'm  back  on the pm during my "busy season." I just started a new job and I'm moving provinces so all I can afford  right now is about half hour a day. I figure ill take what I can get right now and go hard when life slows down.
Good idea Justin.

Both my wife and I are on the ROP right now and loving it.  I started it a few years ago with the 16kg, but I didn't get everything out of the workout as that bell was just too light for me.  Now I'm working on the 24kg.  My last heave day was 3 ladders up to 5 and 2 ladders up to 4.  I plan to hit all 5 ladders of 5 by the holidays.

I've never done a snatch test.  I'm taking them slow as the fast movement tends to aggravate an old injury in my left shoulder.   When I do them I keep them quite easy and hope I can build them up over time.  The most I've done is 130 snatches with the 24kg in 10 minutes.  I'd say it was a moderately hard effort.  I could have done more, but not a whole lot more.

My wife is using the 12kg bell, and she is just about to start going for 5's on her hard days.  We're both amazed at how much strength and new, hard muscles we've developed.
Did the RoP with the 16kg a while ago... got hurt... came back to the 20kg, got hurt... now the PM since March/April.  Hoping to get to the RoP with the 20kg in the New Year.

Bring it.
Worked through the ROP until I was a third of the way through with the 24kg, then I plateaued and lost the fire to do it. Now doing Circular Strength Training bodyweight and on Fridays I press the 24 to keep the groove. I'll come back to it. The ROP works to well not too.
I am doing ROP but I added pistols so that I can work my to the Beast Tamer. Currently I am at MP- 40kg Pull Up- (24kg off foot) Pistol- 40kg. But I can only do 3 rungs with those weights.

Why are those Pull Ups so damn hard! :)
Hi, I am Mark am a follower of  the Rite of Passage:)  I am restarting it after being away from it awhile.  Doing well using the 20K.  I follow it very rigidly and use variety days using a wheel barrow and doing Airborne Lunges.  I am 51 and working through a hip injury.  I have surgery 4 Feb and will follow ROP through a SF certification.

My wife is starting it tomorrow and she is very excited.
I press tested the 24, then worked up to (1-2-3-4)1 and (1-2-3)4 and stalled. My RKC put me on that.

those are some impressive pistol numbers. I am also currently working on my pistols on variety days, I'm fine getting down but I keep getting stuck in the hole.


good luck with the surgery and I hope you have a speedy recovery.


sorry if my previous post appeared condescending, not my intention.
Currently on week 7 of the ETK workbook from AOS using the 24. Seeing great results, but extra sleep is definitely needed for me. And lots of food.
I'm doing this as well. Currently on 4 sets of 1,2,3 this week with the 24kg bell. struggle with my left arm a bit on the last couple reps. will be checking back in. keep it up everyone!
The ROP is unbeatable as a basic foolproof program. When I recently got back on the KB wagon it was the first thing I did. I recently completed the press ladder with 28kg and 200 snatches with 24kg in 10:00 per the test. I don't agree that it's boring or tough to stick to, but I have notoriously ascetic tastes in training.

I recommend matching pullups to the presses (and alternating the sets) if you can hack it. I actually find doing this essential as I hurt my shoulders if I press too much without doing pullups.

The mating of presses to pullups is exactly how the AOS workbook has it. Almost like an EDT approach. 1 C&P L +1 R followed by 1 pullup , then 2 C&P L +2 R followed by 2 pullups and so on. Rest 1-2 minutes between ladders and no rest between rungs unless you need it. Very simple yet effective.
Joe, I'm down an acronym here: what is AOS and whose work is it?

The format you describe is exactly what I ended up doing. You can do a heck of a lot of volume without realizing it.
Rob, stands for art of strenght. Jeff Martones work I do believe.
Right website, Rickard, but it's Anthony DiLuglio. And Rob, you are so right about the volume. If I had known about ladders 20 years ago, I think I would physically look very different today with fewer injuries. But I probably would have been too stupid to think they worked anyway having been immersed in BroScience.
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