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Kettlebell S&S Physique (humorous, but not really joking)

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@natewhite39 +1 for the Eugene Sandow pic...goals.

I'm also a KB newb, and I've noticed increased forearm vascularity (well, really, the return of vascularity since it was pretty much all gone when I became the the staypuft marshmallow man), forearm, shoulder (delt and trap), bicep, and tricep hypertrophy, *possibly* some pec hypertrophy, though it's hard to tell with the concurrent shrinkage of my man boobs, and a tighter midsection (including losing 3 inches from my waist measurement). This is all only from kettlebells and diet. I've also noticed new definition in my legs and overall, lower bf, though I haven't really been tracking the %.
@Pavel Macek I know it's a stretch, but could you write up your daily eating menu for a day?
Love to see what fuels you!

Definitely give deadlifts a crack, S&S should have helped your strength!
@Joshua Before S&S, I was on a deadlift program, with a goal of 2,5xBW. Accomplished, and actually sooner than I expected. Next goal is 3xBW - somewhere in the future.

My daily eating menu? Alright, usually:

- morning, around 6:30-7:00 AM: Water with lemon and salt, Pu-Erh tea or Bulletproof coffee (with coconut oil and butter)

- I usually have late breakfast - anywhere from 11 AM to 2 PM), 3-4 eggs, bacon, avocado, vegetables

- BCAA before and after my own practice (usually around 4PM), protein shake after

- around 8 PM big dinner - and I mean big dinner, 2 or 3 regular dinners. Meat, vegetables, potatoes or rice.

So - intermittent fasting slash Paleo for lifters.
@Joshua; I was just thinking about the same. I was just going to ask what those Greek statue looking (like Pavel Macek) demigods tend to eat... besides lightning and volcanic rock;).
@Pavel Macek wow! Thanks so much for the insight.

I could see you definitely hitting a 3x bodyweight deadlift, you would get it in no time.
That's a great diet plan, I'm sure you've got it down to the wire what your body needs for strength.
I'm very interested in your night time feed: what's your go to meal that is your favourite ?
@masa Gods and demigods eat according to Greek mythology ambrosia.

As the My Chemical Romance band sings: "I'm just a man, I'm not a hero." We, mere mortals, usually steak and vegetables. How many % of each? Up to each of us.
@Joshua well, I can't say I have "one favourite" meal - I e.g. enjoy good oriental cuisine (Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian... ), but medium well (big!) steak, lots of various veggies, and a bit of red potatoes with onion and bacon taste always great.
Haha thankyou so much for the insight @Pavel Macek always good to learn and see what others that are stronger are doing.

Good to see you're an advocate for strength and vitality!
@patterner; what kind of diet you're using with S&S?
Mostly eating keto with an IF/Warrior Diet schedule.
Monday and Friday: Unless they're training days, no calories other than what's in my coffee until dinner, on training days which most are), I do the shake after training
Tuesday - Thursday: Add lunch
Saturday and Sunday: Whatever...usually still only two meals, but they're usually breakfast with the wife and a late lupper

An average day looks like this:
Morning: Coffee, sometimes bulletproof, most often with about 1.5 tbsp of cream
After training: 1.5x protein shake made with whole milk
Lunch: 2-3 sausages *or* 8 oz smoked salmon and a plate sized salad with oil and lemon juice, sometimes a bowl from Chipotle
Afternoon: more coffee, sometimes a latte made with heavy cream from Starbucks, sometimes the same but made at home
Dinner: varies, sometimes a repeat of lunch with more protein, though a frequently swap out the protein for steak or chicken sometimes a taco salad, heavy on the salad minus any tortilla

Weekend dinners are usually free eating. Sometimes it's pizza, sometimes it's adding a baked potato to the giant steak, etc. About every three weeks or so, I do a full diet break for the weekend, on those days, it's pancakes for breakfast, the whole nine yards.
Although no one asked haha, my diet I will post as a comparison for others.
Wakeup- cup of green tea
Train simple & sinister
Breakfast- oats, fruit (berries, sultanas)
Lunch- peanut butter sandwich and an apple.
Dinner- Vegetables, plenty green vegetables, sweet potato & lentils/legumes

I dont eat meat in my normal diet, I also live in sunny Australia; so its very hot: Plenty of water and beer goes down the hatch.
@Joshua- Have you found it a challenge gaining strength with you diet. I ask because I have contemplated going vegetarian but wasn't sure how I would fair strength wise.
I'd like to try vegetarian diet too. I just love to eat meat, so it may never happen. Maybe paleoish IF ala Pavel Macek for me and a bits from patterner's diet too. I have some tweaking to do.
My strength is sound, still pulling 200kg@68 (my max being 215@66). I did a getup with a 32 this morning and that felt fine even though I rarely do them (osteo arthritis in my ankles makes getups ferociously painful). I followed much the same diet when I wrestled Greco (albeit no fish, meat or milk whatsoever) and i still threw guys that were 30kg+ heavier than me around like rag dolls.
I find I feel calmer, more energised and lighter on my feet with this diet. I feel fairly strong.
My swings feel stronger, I dont feel so heavy in my lungs either and I've noticed already this diet coupled with a modified S&S has made me stronger than I was; especially on the grappling mat.

* apologies I cant tag you guys in this (got a new phone today) hope you dont miss it
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