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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Steve Freides, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    In our Members Only section, I have asked for topics that might be addressed in an FAQ specifically about Kettlebell Simple and Sinister. (If you don't Watch that forum, please start doing so if you're a registered user.)

    I'd love also to have you post links about older threads that you feel address things that weren't clear to someone after they read the book. Got any links for me? They could be recent or even from the old forum, all of whose messages are still available to everyone here.

    My thanks to everyone in advance and, of course, please feel free to post your own thread in the new sub-section under Members Only devoted to this topic.

    Thanks again.

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  2. Bauer

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  3. Nick Martire

    Nick Martire Double-Digit Post Count

    I have a S/S question I'm not sure if I'm in the right thread. I was wondering when trying to get 10 sets of swings with each arm in the 5 minutes if it's possible to do multiple sets in a row to finish in the 5 mins. Thank you for any help

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  4. Anna C

    Anna C More than 5000 posts Elite Certified Instructor

    It is possible, sure... but not recommended.

    The swings in S&S are about technique and power. So the recommended daily practice is 10 powerful swings R, fully recover (1 min or more). Then 10 powerful swings L, fully recover (1 min or more). Repeat that 4 more times for a total of 10 x 10, which might take 12-15 minutes to do.

    In contrast to the other extreme, if you were to do say 20 swings R, 20 swings L, and repeat that 4 more times without setting the bell down you would finish in 3 minutes or so. Possible? Sure, but you are no longer working on alactic power, technique, and strength. It is more of a gylcolytic endurance exercise. This has its place too, but not great for daily practice.

    The 5-minute test will be somewhere in the middle of these two. Ideally you do it only once every couple of weeks, or less, to test yourself and/or to give a bit of a different stimulus than the regular daily practice. The daily practice will get easier and you will recover faster (to a point) between sets of swings, so it is possible to do 10 x 10 good powerful swings in 9, 8, 7... then 5 minutes. (Here's a video of me doing a complete session to the time standards). So, would 10+10 every minute be as good? Or multiple sets? I think not as good, because the test should be a condensed version of the daily practice, which does have some recovery after each set of 10. That said, a lot of people do the test as 10+10, and it's really not that much different when you condense down to 5 minutes. I just prefer to follow the prescribed format as much as possible.

    Hope that helps...
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  5. Nick Martire

    Nick Martire Double-Digit Post Count

    Thank you very much for the response... helps very much
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  6. MichalSverak

    MichalSverak Second Post

    Hi I was wondering what iOS app do you guys use for logging progress on Simple&Sinister. Or do you just use good old pen and paper? Thanks
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  7. Brookes

    Brookes Triple-Digit Post Count

    Tried several apps. Best in my opinion is Gym Hero Pro. JE Fit is also quite nice. But after some time playing around I bought a nice notebook and returned to Pen & Paper. I general I´m a very digital type of guy, but it´s plain satisfying to write down the results of your training and take notes as well. Losing the statistics, but thumb through the pages and read your own handwritten notes is quite a different joy.
  8. LejonBrames

    LejonBrames Triple-Digit Post Count

    I have a simple google sheet set up for logging date, day, weight, and time between sets(swings)/time under pressure(TGU), and general notes

    ss log.PNG

    This is super easy to maintain and even update later if I forget, plus I can access it anywhere from any device I log into
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  9. MichalSverak

    MichalSverak Second Post

    I tried couple iOS apps as well and nothing worked for me so I am currently using pen and paper as well. But I am an iOS developer so I thought I could actually make an app that I would like to use. But I would want it to be useful for the whole community not just for me. So that is why am I asking here to hear some feedback and to find out what people like to use.
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  10. Brookes

    Brookes Triple-Digit Post Count

    Ah nice to know! Maybe you can share a few thoughts how you planned it. I guess with this you will get a better or more detailled feedback.

    In general I like apps where I can choose from preconfigured set of exercises (e.g. Swings, TGUs in this case) to stack my workout in sets of exercises. The problem I see with a app for S&S are the variations that occure while introducing new bell sizes, means mixing 2H with 1H in one set or mixing different weights between the sets. The input for this must be intuitive and nearly as easy as writing it with pen and paper. (Thats the reason why I switched).

    Also nice would be tracking/statistics of the total volume of the workout to track progress (means repeats x weights = volume).

    Do you plan this app especially for S&S or for Kettlebell Training in general?
  11. Stefan Olsson

    Stefan Olsson More than 500 posts

    It would be awesome if someone with Excel skills could make a sheet were you could plug in your numbers and have the volume shown in a graph to follow your traning.
  12. jef

    jef I am a student of strength. Certified Instructor

    @Stefan Olsson
    I do have this feature in my Excel log. Been using it for years.
    There is a sheet with the log and comments, and a sheet with a pivot graf, where you can follow whatever you want.
  13. Stefan Olsson

    Stefan Olsson More than 500 posts

    Would you like to share it? :)
    Didn´t find in your log.
  14. jef

    jef I am a student of strength. Certified Instructor

    @Stefan Olsson
    I tried to PM you but could not. Please send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a sample of the file.
  15. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    @Stefan Olsson I'm also an Excel nerd and have a spreadsheet for S&S. Let me know if you want it
  16. Benjamin_K

    Benjamin_K Double-Digit Post Count

    Question semi-related to S&S. Am currently doing S&S and Flexible Steel 4 week program. I find the 90/90 stretch after S&S to be easy, or else I'm doing it wrong (totally possible), I don't feel a stretch really. The QL straddle is insanely hard. I feel like I'm hunching over as I bend to the side and my legs are barely apart. I'm fairly inflexible.

    But here is my question: are there any recommended links for postures throughout the day? Like I commute an hour to work, and then I sit at a computer for a good portion of the day (I'm a writer). Then I go home and write some more, this time at my standing desk. I want to be more mindful of posture throughout the day so that my stretching and S&S are not the only times I'm working on everything.

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  17. Brent

    Brent Double-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Is it ok to use Pavels get up technique from enter the kettlebell? I recall he says you can use any means that feels safe.

    I use that advic and am able to get up with heavy weight and feel safe, but it is not the SFG standard. Ie sometimes my extended leg lifts up. Sometimes i slide my hand rather than go to my elbow coming down. Regardless i can go very slow and controlled it it feels right for my lanky flexible body type. Should I change my form to the current standard?
  18. Brent

    Brent Double-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Hi Ben,
    I also dont feel a ton of stretch w the 90-90 as i have been stretching for years. What i do to make it more challenging is i put the back leg straight out behind me while keeping the front leg at 90, thereby adding a psoas hip flexor stretch to it and you feel feel both legs getting a good stretch. I use contract-relax technique as well.
  19. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    @Brent, at StrongFirst, our principles remain the same but we are always "polishing the chrome" on our methods. We have chosen the current standard because we've considered all the alternatives and this represents our latest, best thinking on the subject.

    If you would like, we could have a discussion about the specific differences between the two versions and why you might or might not wish to do one over the other. But in the absence of that, current standard, please.

  20. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Triple-Digit Post Count

    Ive had a quick flick threw the book but im a bit unsure...
    I do 10 swings left
    10 swings right

    Then do i do the turkish get ups left x5 then right x5

    Or do i do 10 left swings 1 get up 10 right swings 1 get up and repeat x5

    Sorry i find it abit confusing!

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