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Discussion in 'TSC' started by SuperGirevik, Sep 3, 2018.

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    I’ve been following the S&S program for nearly 90 days non-stop and really enjoyed it’s simplicity. I’ve worked up to using the 32kg bell and will soon order a 40kg. Recently I’ve been interested in participating in the TSC as well.

    So after reading a few articles, I put together the following program that would allow me to continue doing S&S daily and train for the TSC:

    Note: For snatches, "7/7 7min" means, 7 reps per arm EMOM for 7 min.

    This program is pretty much a fusion of the following:

    I’m currently 40yrs old, 6’ tall and weigh 210lbs. Here are my current PRs:

    • Strict Pull-ups: 3
    • Snatches: 16kg x 100 in 5min with only one hand switch (GS style)
    • Deadlift: 340lbs x 1
    • KB Press: 32kg x 5

    My primary concern is that I might be setting myself up for being over trained. However keep in mind that I wouldn't be doing all the exercises back to back. For example, S&S is done in the morning before I head to work. At my job I built a pull-up bar, so during lunch time I would do my pull-ups. When I get back from work in the afternoon I would do my snatches or deadlifts.

    With all that said, a part of me is very curious to see my TSC results by just continuing my current daily S&S program (which includes random chin-ups/pull-ups and presses whenever I feel up for it).

    Thanks for taking the time to read my message :)
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    didn't read the details, but I have a suggestion anyway...fwiw I'd pick a program for your primary focus, be that S&S or a TSC prep program, then just add one thing in at a time for 2-3 weeks, and see how it works and affects your recovery/reserves. They add in something thing at a time. This keeps it easier to analyze the effects of each addition and fine tune it if you need to. With a program that's been tested and used on a wide population with a lot of success, you can adopt it wholesale. Otherwise, I'd add in one thing at a time and pay attention to your own response to each addition
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    I've actually decided to keep doing just Simple & Sinister as my main training program and test the "what the heck" effect for myself. I'll probably continue to lightly sprinkle some chin-ups/pull-ups, snatches or push-ups on top of my S&S just for fun. With this in mind, I will not program any light or heavy days, but rather continue slowly building up as the program outlines with light days only when needed. It's time for me to order a 40kg!
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    are GTG pullups an option for you? That might be the simplest road + 1-2 DL sessions per week. Those snatch sessions could always replace swings on the day too
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  6. SuperGirevik

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    I have access to a pull-up at work but I'd probably only 2-3 sets in daily using 30min-1hr rest.
  7. Steve Freides

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  8. SuperGirevik

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    I figured Men’s Novice would be a good starting point.
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    Your strength numbers aren't bad. But if you are planning on this falls TSC you need to work on heavier snatches. You'll be snatching the 20K in novice, not a big jump but very doable. I'd get on a good snatching routine with the 24K and then a couple weeks prior I'd switch to the 20K and work pace. The snatching will keep your pull ups primed so then all you'll need is a bit of deadlifting. Any good peaking program should do that. Then take up S&S when you're done. But you need to start snatching heavier in my opinion.
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    @banzaiengr - Thanks for the recommendation. I chose sticking to S&S primarily to test it out and see how it translates to other lifts or movements. It’s a personal experiment I’m conducting.

    If my goal was to seriously compete, I would definitely work on the other lifts, such as snatches.
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    Recently I had to lay off doing TGUs due to a wrist injury (sayonara S&S daily streak). Fortunately, I'm still able to do swings, pull-ups and deadlifts without any discomfort. So I decided to re-test my 1RM deadlift to see if it improved after roughly a month of S&S. My previous 1RM deadlift was 340lbs. Yesterday, I went to my brothers house and started lifting 275lbs x 1, 315lbs x 1, 335lbs x 1, 355lbs x 1, 365 x 1 and failed to pull 375lbs x 1. I was impressed to see that my deadlift increased by ~7.5% without touching the barbell since my last test. I guess this is the WTH effect I heard about.

    With that said, I'm going to create a temporary program around deadlifts, swings and pull-ups. Unfortunately, most push movements irritate my wrist (ex. push-ups, military presses, TGUs, etc).
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