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Bodyweight Strong endurance - Endurance Pullup protocol

Cody Rhinehart

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I have a question regarding protocol #6.

I'm wanting to work on pullup endurance but when I go to calculate my session volume, it says to not go over 50 reps for the day. The calculation for session volume is RMx5 so my daily volume would be over 50 reps.

Any clarification on this would be helpful. TIA
The 50 reps given isn't a specification,It's just an example calculation.

You'll have to find yours.

If you can weight yourself find your 1rm weight.
Then use that to find your chosen %1RM within the range.
Then find the reps at that %1RM
Then multiply THAT to get your Max Developmental total volume.
Then wave that volume with 80%, 60%, 100% days.
Then use dice to pick your set rep scheme for the day.
Then be careful not to run a stop sign, to take rest between series.

But if you can't weight yourself, that 1rm baseline isn't gonna be there. Depending on your setup maybe try using a kettlebell hooked by your foot to weight yourself.

Although I'm a little worried that one might have some trouble finding a %1RM weight with pullups. Maybe do some guess work with bands, see how it goes.
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@Cody Rhinehart Let me give you and example. A male, 41 yo, tested his Pull-up RM, and the outcome were 12 reps. So, he took 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 of RM, and used the numbers as his working sets. So, for instance, he is practicing sets OTM with 3-4 reps, or Pull-up Ladders 1,2,3,4,5. He is doing 100+ reps per day since 23 JAN this year. Improvement occurred. On 20 JAN, three days before he had started his Pull-up Journey, he did only 5 sets of 4 OTM, the he had to drop reps to 3. For another 5 minutes he was performing Chin-ups, 4 reps OTM. Eventually he covered 55 reps in 15 minutes.
Today, he did 4 Pull-ups OTM for 20 sets, so after 20 minutes he had collected 80 reps in 20 minutes. That is the Pull-up endurance.
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