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The 2024 Deadlift Big Plates for Reps Challenge

Steve Freides

Senior Certified Instructor Emeritus
Elite Certified Instructor
We have this for squats thanks to @Boris Bachmann:

So why not for deadlifts, too?

I lift in kilograms, not pounds, and today's I'm posting 140 kg, which is 309 lbs, which is close enough to 315 for me. 2 reds, a 5 and a 2.5 on each side of the bar, plus competition clamps that are 2.5 on each side of the bar. 10 reps, guessing 1-2 reps in reserve. This is a bit over 2 x my competition bodyweight of 67.5 kg but about 2 x my actual bodyweight at the moment of 70 kg.

Video is exactly 1 minute long.

I'm in of course. I almost feel like there should maybe be an in between weight from 315 to 405 and then 405 and 495. And of course sumo should be in separate category. Lol
Great idea, Steve!

Though I still abhor the idea of longer sets with either the squat or the deadlift. But, we'll see.

I agree that when it come to loading, the kilo plates should do fine with 60-100-140-180-220.

Can't wait to see a similar thread for the bench! That's actually a lift it's somewhat comfortable to do longer sets in.
I got 245 x 6 and 325 x 1 so far. Lol Not too great but I hope to keep progressing since I'm only about 10 months back into training. Maybe tomorrow I'll see how many reps I can get with 3 wheels, I'm not sure. Unfortunately for me I'll probably never go over like 6 reps for deads.
how heavy should the weight be for the bench?
You mean how big should the increments be?

Big plates? Why not keep it the same? Sure, most will lift 135 or 225 pounds for reps, but wasn't the squat too mostly 225 or 315?
Yes, I agree, big plates. It doesn't fit as well with that lift, but once you start applying logic to something like this you've already gone off the deep end. Just put the plates on the bar and lift. Mine will be easy as I've never benched 100 kg / 225 lbs in my life - getting a single for that weight will be an accomplishment for me.

It could also be NFL combine for the bench - how many reps can you do at 225 with form that would count at the combine? That actually sounds like more fun to me. And we could do it with 135 for those of us who are junior bench pressers. :)

I'm doing a modified 5-3-1 for deads and squat to do an AMRAP set at the end of each session when it's not my de-load week. I just hit 415 x 10 on deads a couple days ago, so I guess put me down for 405 x 10 for now (though could probably hit 405 for 11 or 12?)? Maybe I'll give 495 for reps a go at some point this year.
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