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The 2024 Squat Big Plates For Reps Challenge!

It's good that this is back. I don't dare make goals. I just keep on rolling the plan I seem to like a lot. I do a heavy single and then 2 sets of 5 PTTP style. On another day only 2x5 after DL. Well beating my senior years best 157,5 would be nice. Then to beat my pb 165 kg would be great.

So far I've done 1x150 date 1/21/24, so one for 315 category. At some point I'll try reps when I'm feeling strong.
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That's a huge jump in only a couple months time. What you you attribute it to? Were you coming back from injury? Muscle memory? Heavy doses of Tren? :p
Tren. Legs can't recover from large volume and so I use a Higher intensity and lower volume system called APRE. Can't run it for linger than 12 weeks or you die. Also very hard as the rep scheme reduces.
@Boris Bachmann I notice you take most of your squat videos from directly to the front. From frequenting various powerlifting groups, I notice most people take them from the side. Likely this is because most people are concerned about meeting legal depth in their federation, but it would also be interesting to see what your low back looks like from the side, no?

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