Training with a possible hand fracture

Discussion in 'Other' started by Pantrolyx, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Pantrolyx

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    So, I had my second fight in MMA last Saturday, whereafter I had two aching knuckles and fingers.
    I had it chekced by a physio today, where ultrasound could point to a tendon being partially torn, which in itself implies six weeks without impact training, and preferably without heavy loads on that grip.

    Of course, I would very much dislike to exclude all pulling excrcises from my training for such a duration of time. But what kind of pulling could be rational to do, without putting unneccessary strain on the damaged area?
  2. Kyle Kowalczuk

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    Pallof presses and derivatives of them could be an anti rotational exercise as long as you are not overly gripping with the hurt hand.
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  3. Papa Georgio

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    Sorry about your hand. Did you win?
  4. crazycanuck

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    Caveat since I am not a doctor, or rehab professional....clear everything with one of them first, particularly with a sports oriented physio if you can (who would be more qualified than an MD to give modifications to exercise) vs us here on an internet forum. Have you had any x rays to rule out a fracture in fingers or hand, especially as I am guessing you may have been throwing punches?

    That being said, I understand where you are coming from in being eager to exercise. I suffered a "boxers fracture" of the 5th metacarpal of the hand in 2017 from a fall, and was casted for 6 weeks with 4th and 5th fingers bent at 90 degrees. All in all with cast and formal rehab time, was out of normal commission for 3 months. My only press/pull on that side was using exercise tubing in my 1st two fingers and thumb. The whole situation became more tolerable mentally/frustration wise once I realized that it was a blessing in disguise to try some other things for a short season, like (quite a bit modified) yoga, lower body bodyweight like single leg deadlifts, etc.

    This will pass, and if you have a baseline of strength, it will come back quickly too once you resume things. Hang in there.
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  5. CraigW

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    Zercher Squat, Janda Sit-Up, Yolk Walk.
    If/When you can use a Safety Squat Bar then the Dead Squat, Dead Good Morning and Reverse Lunge are great options.
  6. Pantrolyx

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    Yes, I did win on TKO in the second round. Will post a link to the video when it is uploaded. :)
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  7. Pantrolyx

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    I have been throwing punches, whilst being too irrational to wrap my hands under the 6 oz glozes. So I can ble blamed for having asked for such an injury. Went to a physio (martial artist, no less) today and had the hand examined, but need to take an x-ray later this week.
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  8. Pantrolyx

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    Tried some zercher squats yesterday. Pleasant and pain free, as long as I loaded and removed all plates with my left hand. :)
  9. Jake Steinmann

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    You might look at some of Dan John’s work on loaded carries and one arm work. He developed a bunch of ideas after “blowing his wrist apart”. Apparently, the single arm work helped the healing process a lot
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  10. william bad butt

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    I really like safety squat bar squats. The Elitefts SSB is top notch.

    A lot of guys in my circle are getting into these belt squats (I haven't tried it yet):
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  11. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    IMHO there's no need for the machine shown in that video. A good belt and a few boxes to stand on:

    IronMind Belts

    The video above shows a barbell as the weight - I've never done them that way. A loading pin makes it much simpler.

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