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André Büttner

profilephoto01-0011G00000jYOxLQAWhusband, father, dog-dad

teacher of strength
owner of a premium personal training studio
founder of body(R)evolution

sportsman for a lifetime:
gymnastics (when I was young),
ice-speedskating (german national team),
strength-training (after my skating career).

I am a certified teacher of strength and a professional trainer since 2005. Visit my personal training studio “body(R)evolution”.

2012: BSA Teacher of fitness
2017: RKC Instructor (I & II)
2018: FlexibleSteel Instructor
2021: StrongFirst Instructor (G1)
2022: StrongFirst Instructor (B)

I am a student of strength.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.andrebuettner.com
Contact: Click to contact


Benjamin W.
I enjoyed my personal training with André very much. Over the course of 3 hours, we covered most of the big 6 movements. What really stood out is his very structured approach and precise explanation, which he supplemented with an additional handout that allowed me to focus on the training (and taking notes after the session).
Even before our personal training session he took a lot of time to align goals and expectations with me, looking into material I had shared and even checking my form and training routine on social media.
During the session, André is 100% with you, bringing warmth, clarity and good spirit into the training.
I traveled a few hours to train with André and am happy I did. I can highly recommend him as an instructor!

Marc Jurczyk
Since a couple of years I trust Andre with my training and after an bad crash I made my rehab with him. The concept of kettlebell training as a complete body workout brings a lot of benefits in my sport track cycling because I need a lot of core strength.

Furthermore Andre has a lot of knowledge to connect different approaches to solve acute problems like knee pain or feeling stiff.

Martin Damm
One of the most knowledgeable if not the most knowledgeable trainier I have ever met.
André looks for individual solutions for his clients.

In just 2 hours of training under his supervision I made progresses in technique, programming and even strength which I thought would take a year to get.
Of you are interested in strength training, especially in Kettlebells, check out André and let him open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities!

Bonus: He is a very kind and humble person.

Carolina Boscan
André is an amazing trainer. He always helped me to get in shape after injuries and afterwards I was stronger than before. I just can recommend to try a training with him and you will all know what I mean. You will stronger and happier than before!

Piotr Kowalik
Great Instructor! Please contact André if you are looking for a professional coaching and results he delivered.


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