"Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai... worshipped strength.

— Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


Posture: An Easy Way to Up Your Performance

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman What do the above photos of top performers in three totally different sports have in common? Posture. What would happen to the sprinter if she were slouched over?—A waste of her remarkable muscle power. The full … Continue reading

A Tip for “Making Space” in the Squat
Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.18.03 PM

By Jason Marshall, Senior SFG Memories of my first kettlebell certification with Pavel back in October, 2007 are still branded in my mind as a reminder of how green I was when I took on this challenge. Part of my … Continue reading

Five Tips for a Stronger Pistol
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By Alexey Senart, SFG Team Leader, SFB   99% of those who have ever seen a perfectly executed ‘Pistol” (the one-legged squat) think of it as of an unattainable feat of strength, if not a circus trick. For us at … Continue reading

A Strength Tradition: Stone Lifting
Bud Jeffries with a 400lb+ stone.

By Travis Jewett, DC I became fascinated with lifting stones when I read an article in MILO a few years ago about a man in New Zealand named Regan Bridge. A man not much bigger than me — lifting stones over … Continue reading

Six Weeks to Strong
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By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman At StrongFirst we never rest. We constantly research, refine, experiment. Today we will give you a very powerful strength plan based on the most cutting-edge Russian research. It was tested with great success by Level II … Continue reading

More StrongFirst

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman StrongFirst is in the hypertrophy phase. This year we heavily beefed up our already strong headquarters team. Dr. Craig Marker, COO and Research Director. Nikki Shlosser, VP of Marketing. Amanda Kennedy, Operations Coordinator. Brett Jones, Chief … Continue reading

Chuck Taylor Re-Design: A Survival Guide

    Folks, Converse has announced an upgrade to their classic Chuck Taylors — the first such modification in 98 years. This new version appears in stores starting today. Among the changes:  CUSHIONING.     It’s true. But before getting all Ron Swanson-channeling-Bobby … Continue reading

Program Minimum [Squared]
Mark Cheng, Senior SFG

By Jon Engum, Master SFG In his original kettlebell book, Pavel Tsatsouline talks about a Program Maximum and a Program Minimum. For the younger people in the crowd (read: newer to kettlebells) some explanations may be needed. The Program Minimum … Continue reading

Goal Cycling

By Jukka Mäennenä, SFG, SFL     Have you written down your goals? Great. The next step, of course, is to determine how to reach those goals. Some methods will work better than others, for any given person or task. … Continue reading

A Long Way to Press

By Brandon Hetzler, SFG Team Leader   “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Usually because the manure is deeper.” —Gene Dudgeon PART 1:  TALL PEOPLE PROBLEMS Full disclosure — I’m 6’ 6” tall, barefoot. … Continue reading