“Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai… worshipped strength.

— Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


When Tension Is a Beautiful Thing
The Importance of Tension

I am neither discussing different types of headaches, nor the strength properties of a barbell and its ability to resist bending and becoming permanently deformed. I am talking about what your body needs to generate prior to loading it. Continue reading

Spring 2016 TSC Results
April 2016 TSC Results

This April 2016 TSC included nearly 1,200 participants—the most in history. Here are the highest scores in each of the eight categories. Continue reading

Calisthenics for Iron Domination: From Bodyweight to Heavy Weight
Iron Domination Through Calisthenics

Training bodyweight exercise will help you demolish your previous strength records in your barbell and kettlebell practice and replace them with all new levels of iron domination. Continue reading

If You Want to Get Better, You Must Think Better
StrongFirst Strong Mind

Just like any movement or lift you’ll encounter in the gym, getting yourself into a proper head space more strongly and consistently starts with practice. And you know what the first step toward a better mental practice is? Continue reading

Personal Space Rules When Snatching the Kettlebell
Personal Space and the Kettlebell

There is significant research into what we casually refer to as “personal space,” and surprisingly, the concept of personal space can also assist us in enhancing our technique in snatching a kettlebell. Continue reading

How to Intelligently Define, Determine, and Test Your 1RM
Determining Your 1RM

Let’s take a more detailed look at the 1RM. Specifically, how you can determine your 1RM based on your training with a lighter weight, what a “1RM” really is, and the best way to test it. Continue reading

One Good Rep: How to Perform the Perfect Push-up
Perfect Push-up

Done correctly, the push-up will give you great strength gains and can be done anywhere at any time. But first, we need to make sure you can do one great repetition. Continue reading

Overcoming Mediocrity Through Strength and Purpose
Overcoming Mediocrity Through Strength and Purpose

Your brain is brimming with the mental tools to become more than what you are. In art. In business. In your profession. And particularly, in strength. Continue reading

A Comprehensive 3-Month Plan for Beginner Group Lessons
StrongFirst Beginner Group Lessons

Here is a detailed blueprint of how we conduct our beginner group lessons and build skill, enthusiasm, knowledge, and, most of all, strength in all our students. Continue reading

The 3 Pillars: How to Build Skill While Being Real

Dr. Thomas refers to the Three Pillars of Progression, Variety, and Precision. Using these pillars, you can advance your learning and skill level while avoiding two of the most common mental traps. Continue reading