“Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai… worshipped strength.

— Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


An Outlier on the Normal Kettlebell Curve
StrongFirst grip on kettlebell

I do not use the kettlebell to train. I train to become the kettlebell. Let me explain the strength of this goal. Continue reading

How to Prepare for and Pass Your SFG Level I
Having a great experience at my SFG Level I

Successfully completing your SFG Level I takes smart planning. This was my path to a successful Level I and the eight-week training plan I followed. Continue reading

Experience and Skill Will Always Trump Science
Gary Music Teaches Karate

I know I am not a scientist, and, believe it or not, that gives me a great advantage over many when it comes to learning and perfecting a physical skill. Continue reading

Fall 2015 TSC Recap

The Fall 2015 TSC saw more participants than ever. Incredible results, and INSPIRING efforts! Here are the highest scores in each of the eight categories. Continue reading

Practice vs. Performance: The Mentality of the Old-Time Strongmen

Attempting a maximal lift in front of a crowd for a show is the move of an amateur. Run “wide open” all the time and something will break. The thing that breaks ain’t gonna be a record. Continue reading

The Power of Swings and Getups in Professional Hockey

By Sean Skahan     I’ve been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 17 years, 13 of them with the National Hockey League. Strength and conditioning for ice hockey really didn’t exist until the early 1990’s. Before then, any off-ice … Continue reading

Simple & Sinister + Heart Rate Monitor

By Al Ciampa, SFG and Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman     In the Simple & Sinister Progression Tactics blog you learned how to accelerate your Kettlebell Simple & Sinister progress by optimizing your training intensity with the talk test. There is … Continue reading

Understanding the Center of Mass in Kettlebell Training

by Brett Jones, Chief SFG   Mastering the dance of Center of Mass… Who wouldn’t sign up for a class about that??   With a thick handle and off-set center of mass, the design of the kettlebell is unique and … Continue reading

Deadlifts, Snatches and Pull-Ups: How to Improve your TSC Numbers
tsc pull up

By Tim Almond, SFG Team Leader   The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC), in my humble opinion, is a huge part of StrongFirst’s future. In Australia, we take it very seriously. It’s bridging gaps between communities that don’t normally associate and … Continue reading

Simple & Sinister Progression Tactic
square_SS copy

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman     Today we will discuss some nuances of your Kettlebell Simple & Sinister swing progression, inspired by lively discussions on the StrongFirst forum. In a nutshell, the program calls for 10×10 one-arm swings (5 sets … Continue reading