“Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai… worshipped strength.

— Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


Easy Strength Is Antifragility Training

I am about to explain what a strength training book and an economics book have in common. By the end of this article, you will learn a beneficial paradigm to apply to your own program design. Continue reading

One Good Rep: How to Perform the Perfect Pull-up
perfect pull-up

Before we can achieve a heavy weighted pull-up like that required for the Iron Maiden or Beast Tamer, we need to be able to do one perfect pull-up—and that’s what I’m going to teach you today. Continue reading

I Failed the SFG Level II Strength Test
SFG Level II Strength Test

I failed the SFG Level II strength test. And what I eventually realized was that passing the test had nothing to do with my physical strength. Continue reading

The Difference a Body Positive Approach Can Make

More coaches are learning about body positive approaches that make high-quality training available and accessible to more people. Here’s how to find the coach for you. Continue reading

The 1TRM EV PS Program: Escalating Volume in the Plan Strong Style
StrongFirst Back Squat

Here is a more advanced variation of the 5TRM Back Squat Program, based on the 1TRM and with a volume progression that recalls that of the Plan Strong methodology. Continue reading

A Critical Get-up Transition: From the Elbow to the Hand
A Critical Get-up Transition: From the Elbow to the Hand

Each position in the get-up should set you up for success in the next position. A great transition from the elbow to the hand sets up a safe and solid shoulder position for the low sweep or the high bridge. Continue reading

Understanding Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning
Combat Mindset of Krav Maga Global

The combat mindset applies to all the “conflicts” we experience in daily life. Proper mental training will help you perform better at work, home, or the gym, as well as is in confrontation. Continue reading

A Solid Game Plan for Acing the Snatch Test
How to Ace the Snatch Test

Many people eager to become SFG Level I Certified get anxious about the snatch test. But the test is very passable if you have a solid game plan and properly prepare. Continue reading

Unlocking the One-arm Push-up
Unlocking the one-arm push-up

Mastering the fundamentals and looking back to them for guidance is something I learned from Pavel. I’m going to share with you how this inspired my own aha moment regarding the one-arm push-up. Continue reading

What to Do With Your Free Hand During a One-arm Swing
Free Hand in One-Arm Swing

Once you begin practicing the one-arm swing, then the issue of what to do with the free hand promptly arises. Here are the five acceptable options along with demonstration and explanations of each. Continue reading