SFL Barbell Certification FAQ

What skills are taught?

We teach the powerlifts: back squat, bench press, and deadlift. We also teach a few of the accessory lifts that we feel are most valuable:  front squat, zercher squat, good morning, military press, and several bench press variations.

What skills are tested?

Like our other Certifications, you will be tested. There is a strength test on the powerlifts and a technique test on the accessory lifts. For more information, please see our requirements page (here).

Will I have time to learn the new skills or should I know how to do them in advance?

Like our other events, we strongly recommend that Instructor candidates not only have basic proficiency in each of the lifts, but also have the strength necessary to pass the lifts with correct form. Yes, you will learn how to improve your own form and improve the form of others. But there will not be enough time during this rigorous three-day event for you to make substantial gains in the powerlifts or accessory lifts.

For how long is the certification credential valid?

The SFL credential is good for two years.

Can I attend without testing?

You may! Many people do. Some forego certain skills testing.

Once certified, are there any other fees?

Once you pass, you are a StrongFirst Instructor for two years and there are no additional fees.

Will I receive a free t-shirt?

At the beginning of the event, all participants receive a free StrongFirst t-shirt. Those who pass at the event may purchase an Instructor t-shirt onsite or via the Instructors Only store.

Are spectators permitted?

They are not.

Can I receive the manual in advance?

The manual can only be received at check-in, to ensure that only those who attend the Certification receive it. Many tell us that the manual, by itself, is worth the cost of admission.

How should I prepare?

The SFL Certification is tough. Prior to attending we recommend that you build and enforce proficiency in the powerlifts and accessory lifts mentioned. Of course, a good way to do that is to seek an SFL Instructor near you. They will help greatly. Once you have the skills, build strength in those skills. Make sure you are able to pass or are close to passing the strength standards. You can also read this How to Prepare for, Pass, and Get the Most Out of the SFL to help prepare.

What if I don’t pass?

Not to worry. You can always pass later. This Certification, like all of our others, is not given away. Please see our requirements page for more information.