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bodyweight progression

  1. Karen Smith

    Bodyweight BODYWEIGHT.... what are you all working on or interested in?

    Hello Bodyweight enthusiast and Instructors - Hope you all are doing fabulous. Been a bit since Ive been active on the forum or writing article which use to be a monthly task. This has been a busy year as my only child heading off to college this next week. :confused: new stage/journey. Any way...
  2. Bodyweight I've Created A New Exercise!

    This exercise will develop your chin ups and single leg strength for pistols. Put your chin up bar to pec level, do chin ups while standing on one leg You hold onto the bar while at the bottom of the pistol squat, then you pull/chin yourself up while standing up on your single leg. I call it...
  3. Karen Smith

    Bodyweight SIMPLE STRENGTH workshop

    Hello BW enthusiasts and coaches- I will be teaching my 3hr Simple Strength workshop on Feb 9th in San Clemente CA and after reading several post earlier thought I would go ahead and add the registration link here: Link for the workshop Pacific Strength I originally designed this workshop for a...
  4. Bodyweight What have your strength gains been with bodyweight training?

    Hey guys can I ask a favor? I'm doing a stat report for an analytics project in my class, and my topic is Strength Increases Utilizing Exclusive Bodyweight Training. Have you gotten any measurable gains in strength through bodyweight training? If so, what are they (increase in total reps...
  5. workout union

    Bodyweight Explosive Push Ups

    Do you work on your explosive push up? What do you think of the called "kuki push up" ?
  6. Carl

    Bodyweight Programming Pull Ups (SF style)

    All styles of pull ups (varied grips) are my favourite exercises and a constant in my programmes. I'm wondering what people's experiences are with particular programmes for pull ups using Strong First principles. My current approach is to use variations of GTG style clusters (through the...
  7. Carl

    Other/Mixed Free Easy Strength Slides (Dan John)

    This is absolute gold from Dan John. He could sell this at a premium but has linked to it free in latest post. A complete set of PowerPoint slides on Easy Strength principles and applications. Enjoy!
  8. Bodyweight One day bodyweight course expectations

    Hey guys, I'm looking at taking the October bodyweight 1-day course in Exeter, NH. Should I look into getting the Naked Warrior or any other resources to prep for the workshop? I'm not really sure how the schedule of the workshop itself breaks down and would like to get as much from the...
  9. Carl

    Bodyweight L Sit Experiences

    Hi all, I have built up to a fairly stable L Sit hold position from parallel bars. However my legs are an inch or so from the point of being parallel to the ground. I seem to be stuck here a little. I'm assuming it's a strength, or technique, issue rather than flexibility as I have a decent...
  10. Planche & One Arm Chin Ups - Workouts

    I'll be posting links to all of my workouts. I have two main goals right now and they are pretty long term. I hope to have 3 one arm chins with each arm by the end of 2017 and 9s full planche by the end of 2017. Workout one is linked below. Please let me know what you think!
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