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Bodyweight Explosive Push Ups

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I do them occasionally(oapu).

I cannot do behind the back or triple but train superman (where your whole body is in the air),rotating ones and those where you put your hands or hand on sth.and switch places.
Do you know what i mean?

Do you train explosive pull ups?
Yes, I know them! I do them (every variation) from time to time!
Yes, like push ups, I train explosive pull ups sometimes, I did it more often when trying to get the muscle up :)
i did that in the past.. and muscle up, or clapping hespu. it's kinda fun
Yes, they are really fun, and you get a great power from them, don't you think?
not really. i mean i don't play any sport that required upper body explosive. so it's more like a challenge than a exercise to me . If i have to choose, muscle up will be the one i would keep
I never got into explosive pushups. the way I see it it has Pros that are universal and cons for the individual that dictate if you do them or not
Pros:Explosive power, the benefits of Plyo's and hypertrophy
Cons (for me): My wrists aren't that tough (normal pushups can irritate them if high volume). not that coordinated and may end up pushing up with face :rolleyes:
I did 2 sets of 3 explosive push-ups and moved straigh into 15 push ups. I can't do more than 3 explosive ones and dont get very high what so ever. Next time I will do 3 sets. I wasn't in pain when I was doing it and Im not sore now, so I think it will be ok to add another set.
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