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  1. mikhael

    Vodka and Pickles Plan Structure

    Hi. I'm planning to start Vodka and Pickles and I'm considering how to implement upper body exercises. One of my conception is to add the following: Dips (weighted and unweighted) Push-ups (4-8-12-16-20-16-12-8-4 Pyramid performed 3-4 times a week according to this plan) Pull-ups Advance PIKE...
  2. Shoulder position in OAPU

    A few weeks ago I tried a few one arm one leg push ups and managed 3 between both hands. I found though that I struggled to keep my shoulders packed and my anterior delta were very sore the next day (where my chest and abs and triceps were not at all). I do a lot of overhead press and pull...
  3. mikhael

    Fighter Push-up Program

    We all know the Fighter Pull-up Program and many of us used it to gain some serious strength, but my question is, is there an alternative version of the program with Push-ups?
  4. workout union

    Explosive Push Ups

    Do you work on your explosive push up? What do you think of the called "kuki push up" ?
  5. NoahMarek

    High volume bodyweight training

    I have been reading recently about Herschel Walker and the Great Gama’s training styles. Both involve very high volumes of bodyweight training exercises (obviously a bit extreme but the principles can still be applied). I am gonna give this a go and focus on push up variations, squat/lunge...
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