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  1. Denys Carthusian

    Kettlebell My Brett Jones Excellent Rehab and Bunion Adventure

    Well, I took Brett Jones's advice and got an FMS screen. The search for a great screener lead me to an athletic therapist who is continuing their schooling in one of the big 3 (chiro, pt or osteo). I won't reveal which so as not to obscure the findings. As well I've found a massage therapist...
  2. pood_swinger

    Other/Mixed ABC program

    hello friends. I started doing the ABC program from the app this week and I have some newbie questions about it. a.- is it a big change if I use double KBs? I was doing the giant right before this one so I figured I'd keep using the same 16kg pair as before b.- time. why is it limited to...
  3. chefbrettsmith

    Kettlebell SFG Cert Prep Guide Question

    Hello all- I wanted to start Brett Jones’ SFG Cert Prep Guide program soon and wanted to know if and when there would be any room for a few sets of pull-ups and trap-bar deadlifts?
  4. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Mitohacker Podcast #52 - Brett Jones

  5. Kettlebell Total rebuild?

    I’ve been reading through S&S 2.0, on my third time through now, and I’m finding more and more things I haven’t been doing quite right. Some related to technique, mostly related to rest periods and trying to progress too quickly. I‘ve been training for a number of years, first with barbells, the...
  6. My road to SFG 1

    Hey guys I am new to the forums, my name is Jordan Vaughan and 16 years old in Hereford England. I am just under 6ft and am weighing around 156lbs. I am a qualification fitness instructor at the local leisure centre where I also take an array of classes. I have been training since the age of 13...
  7. Marius_Lefter

    Kettlebell SFG1 Curiosity

    Hi, I have a question for those more experienced regarding two excellent programs for prepping for SFGI. Those two protocols I am refering to are these: StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Certification Prep Guide | StrongFirst (by Mr. Brett Jones) and Peaking and Assessment for SFG Preparation |...
  8. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Recommended Podcast's: Brett Jones & Dan John

    Grab a legal pad and your favorite pencil, class is now in session.... Brett Jones: Training with Kettlebells from Shred Shed Podcast Dan John part 1 of 2 from Shred Shed Podcast
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