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Jordan Vaughan

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Hey guys I am new to the forums, my name is Jordan Vaughan and 16 years old in Hereford England. I am just under 6ft and am weighing around 156lbs. I am a qualification fitness instructor at the local leisure centre where I also take an array of classes. I have been training since the age of 13 but one 1 year of hard style training! My main goal for this year is to hone in on meeting the standards for SFG 1 which I wish to take in October 2019, but also 20 tactical pull ups which I am currently running the FPP. I am mainly experimenting with my own programming. Prior to this I was a national cross country runner but I fell out of love with this.
In this thread I will be logging my training and personal development this is to keep me accountable. Feel free the ask any questions or other some advice which will be greatly accepted!
Log for 19/07/18
I had a really busy day today so only had 40 minutes to get the work done!
-Started off an os flow as a warm up including rocking, rolling, crawling etc
-Then as a complex armbar to TGU to windmil with 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg (very tough)
-Then 2 hand swing min 1 14@24kg, min 2 12@28kg, min 3 10@32kg for 15 mins so 180 swings
-Then single arm carries around 60 metres each time 24kg overhead 28kg rack 32kg suitcase. Did L OH then R OH then L rack and so on x2
-To finish 3x20 pull aparts.
I use grease the groove method of the fighter pull up program. Today’s reps were 13,12,11,10,9.
Until tomorrow my amigo!
Log for 20/07/18
Nothing special today just getting it in before I start work this evening. Did a lot of studying this morning then I did my training.
-warm up was onnit inspired lunge series + pallof press, toe to bar and deadbugs.
-next up was 10 SA swings 1 snatch 1 reverse TGU. Left then right, 5 rounds, 24k then 28k then 32k then 28k then 24k.
- farmers walk for around 30m x3 used 60k total in each hand (32k+28k).
- impromptu quick switch snatch practice with 20k just 30 reps total for time.
- to finish 30 press ups, 30 pull aparts, 30 curls.
Took me around 40 minutes to complete all of it, not racing but staying focused.

Did some CARs, PAILs and RAILs this morning which felt great.
Then as usual did all sets up pull ups this morning reps were 13,12,11,11,10.

Until tomorrow team!
Welcome to the forum @Jordan Vaughan!!! You have an an admirable goal in place. I look forward to reading about your progression.
I hoping to sign up for the SFG 1 in 2019 as I don’t feel I would be able to meet all standards this year. I am looking forward to sharing my progress as well as receiving advice the strongfirst family!
Log for 21/07/18
Today I had outreach with work 8am-4pm then staff training 4.30pm-7.30pm, so I trained early doors at 5.30am with my pal so I didn’t do what I usually do - which made a nice change.
We trained lower body and stated off with
- defeceit fronted racked reverse barbell lunges
3x16 8 each side, used 60kg for all sets.
-Then moved on to a superset of leg extensions 20 reps (his idea) and Bulgarian split squats 12 reps x3.
-Then RDLs@80kg x12 superset with Nordic hamstring curls x8.
It was a nice change but definitely not going to replace my normal work.

Also did GTG pull ups - 13,12,12,11,10

Chow for now my friends!
Log for 22/07/18
I’m afraid to say it! I bitched out today... yep that’s right... I bitched out!

Today was just a day of slipping into old habits. I didn’t roll out of bed till 8.30am, so I was in a mad rush for work. Work I was lazy, came home and I was lazy. I will make tomorrow a very different day. This is the exact reason I am making this thread... to keep me accountable. These days are a once in a blue moon kinda thing.

Saying all of this I still did do my pull ups 13,13,12,11,10, this is the last day of the FPP so a couple days off from pull ups to then test in a couple days time. Started with 13 so hoping for 15-17 range. The pull ups have been relatively easy, a few sets over the program were difficult but never missed a rep.
I have tried this program in the past and I was just sore from the get go, so this time I decided to start at 10,9,8,7,6 which I feel worked much better.

It’s a bye for now my hombres.
Log for 23/07/18

Today was the last day of outreach in town... thankfully!
As I said yesterday today will be a very proactive day. I woke at 5.30am, trained at 6.30-7.30;
-TGUs missed from yesterday EMOM for 20 minutes 1 get up @28kg alternating sides.
- then snatch practice 5 min emom 8 reps L then R @24kg so 80 total, focusing on biomechanical breathing match.
-Then barbell bench 2 sets of 5 @70kg (major weakness)
- Random loaded carries for 10mins
- 3x10 curls, push downs and lat raises.

As usual CARs, PAILs and RAILs at some point but no pull ups today.

Going to plan my classes for the next week and get some reading in.

Log for 24/07/18
Today was a scheduled rest day, so nothing crazy happening.
Woke at 6.30am did 5 min flow then reading and just chilling.
Started work at 1pm and finished 10pm, was quite busy with many appointments and 2 classes.
I’m sorry excited to test my rm for pull ups tomorrow.
Take it easy team.
Everyone needs a rest day, sometimes you plan it, sometimes life plans it for you. Look at this day as a recovery day. I know it sucks to miss a workout, but, even you need rest and recovery.

Log for 22/07/18
I’m afraid to say it! I bitched out today... yep that’s right... I bitched out!

It’s a bye for now my hombres.
Log for 25/07/18
Little bit late with this one as I’m writing this the morning after.
Yesterday I tested my max pull ups after finishing the FPP 2 days prior and I hit 18 reps! Which is a lot more than I thought as I only started with 13 reps. So close to the goal of 20 pull ups, I will run the same program again for the next month starting with 15,13,11,9,7.
Other than the pull ups yesterday I did
-4,3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1 single arm press with 24kg with barbell front squats at 80kg to match, these felt surprisingly good.
-Then 10 renegade rows to 10 gorilla rows @24kg.
-Then 5x20 2 hand swings @24kg
-finishing with 10 press ups and 10 inverted rows for 3 sets.

Hasta luego!
@Jordan Vaughan, try this to increase your pull-up count. Do one pull-up, drop and do 5 push-ups. Increase each by one rep until you get to 10 push-ups. Then, go back down by one until you are back where you started. When you are done, you will have performed 80 push-ups and 36 pull-ups. You can go higher if you want, but this is one way to get stronger at performing pull-ups.
@Jordan Vaughan, try this to increase your pull-up count. Do one pull-up, drop and do 5 push-ups. Increase each by one rep until you get to 10 push-ups. Then, go back down by one until you are back where you started. When you are done, you will have performed 80 push-ups and 36 pull-ups. You can go higher if you want, but this is one way to get stronger at performing pull-ups.
Cheers Michael, I’ll definitely give it ago! I could try it weighted.
Log for 26/07/18
I was working late... again.
Today’s training was a bit of a strange one.
I intended to do simple and sinister with 28k but that didn’t happen, warm up sets felt awesome but just as I completed the first few swings I felt a little twinge in my mid back on the left side so I immediately called it a day with the swings.
So instead I did
-2x10 ‘billy goat’ hinges (dan John) which were completely pain free.
-then bottoms up TGU @8kg,12kg,16kg
-then ring reverse rows superset with press ups
And that was it! It was just like a dull ache that got worse with thoracic rotation and extension.
But quickly subsided. By the time I was teaching classes it was gone.
Also I was persuaded to by participants at the box fit class for them to put me through a session... which absolutely killed me
Truck loads of burpees and pad work.
Finally the training was accompanied with CARs, PAILs and RAILs.

Take it easy team!
Log for 27/07/18

The final late shift today!
Training was very spontaneous
-Started with 2H swings @24k and kept swing for about 20 minutes put the bell down when power dropped started again when I passed the talk test.
-Then TGUs with 24k for 20minutes I got 40 38 total.
-then overhead and rack carries @24k
-later in the day I decided to jump in on my mates deadlift sets 60kx3 100x3 120x3 140x3
140kg felt the best it ever has done.
Also did the usual CARs PAILs and RAILs.
I started the FPP 15,13,11,9,7 will run this for the next few weeks then will try the method @Michael Scott suggested.

And that’s the lot for today team.
Log for 28/07/18
Today was the first day off work in a long time, and it rained... all day! But hey it was a nice change from the blistering heat.
For today’s training I wanted to mentally test myself not so much physically but mentally and I had 2 options 60 minute row or a back squat session - I chose the later.
- warm up was a 5 minutes movement flow and prep.
-all sets were for 5 reps 20k, 40k, 60k, 80k, 100k and 120k
-then every 30 seconds for 15 minutes 1 rep @100k
-then every 60 seconds for 20 minutes 1 rep @100k
-then every 30 seconds for 5 minutes 1 rep @100k
So 90 total reps
I feel like I have gained a lot more competency in my walk out and set up, where I really focused on the 2 step walk out which felt awesome by the end. Also all sets were very submaximal due to the very high volume.
Also did FPP - 15,13,11,9,9
CARs, PAILs and RAILs.
Then went for a walk in the evening listening to the strongfirst podcast!

Catch you later team!
Log for 29/07/18

I’m a day late bringing this one to you, but atleast it’s here now.
I was very tight for time yesterday so I did what I could.
-S and S warm up for 5 rounds
-then S and S style swings @20kg keeping it super snappy.
-then S and S style TGUSs 28,32,32,28,28
- to finish 10 minute non stops carry with 30kg medicine ball.

Also FPP throughout the day along with CARs, PAILs and RAILs.

Hasta la vista!
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Log for 30/07/18

Little bit late with this one team
Today (well yesterday as I’m writing this) I did my spin course in Solihull which was a whole 3.5 hours of cycling... yeah it was vile! Quads were in bits by the end.
I had a half hour gap were a did 16,20,24 Tgu as a warmup.
Then 3x10 second sprints on air dyne bike working keeping Watts 1800+
Then trap bar deadlifts tripped up to 140
Then 3x10 SA rows and dumbbell bench press.
Wasn’t gonna do anything but it was an awesome gym so I had to!

Adios amigo!
Log for 01/08/18

Writing this one a little bit late again...
Today was a good training day
-started with a quick flow to warm up
-then Single arm military press @ 24kg 4,4,3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1 superset with double front squats @24kg for a double each time
- then renegade rows @24kg for 10 reps x3
Nothing to crazy
Throughout the day I did CARs, PAILs and RAILs.
Also I tested my max weighted pull ups with 12kg and hit 5 clean reps so will start FPP with that as I found the volume a little bit monotonous with the body weight.

See you around team!
Log for 02/08/18

Yesterday I decided to run the session I skipped on Monday as I was at the spin course so
- First was a 5 minute flow
- 90 snatch a in 5 minutes with 24k Bell kept nasal breathing throughout so I’m confident I’ll hit 100 next week.
-then 3x2 barbell bench at 70kg then 2x8 @60kg
- 10 mins of carries
- flyes, facepulls, curls, tricep extension 2x10
Nothing too crazy as my mate was hosting a Tabata class so I went along for moral support but i ended up joining in which was tough work.
Also did CARs PAILs and RAILs

See you on the flip side team!
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