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  1. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Motivation

  2. coachnathanwhite

    Sound Check. Breakfast. Coffee.

  3. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell “When the Russian kettlebell meets an American steak, it is a beautiful thing.” - Pavel

  4. Barbell Questions about a free weight workout?

    I watched a video and was intrigued. The gentleman speaking was talking about how he takes between 5 and 15 minute breaks between sets. I have never taken more than a minute between sets so this sounded ( as I am getting older) like a smart move. I also if I am correct think i heard Joe...
  5. My road to SFG 1

    Hey guys I am new to the forums, my name is Jordan Vaughan and 16 years old in Hereford England. I am just under 6ft and am weighing around 156lbs. I am a qualification fitness instructor at the local leisure centre where I also take an array of classes. I have been training since the age of 13...
  6. Matthew Knuth

    Other/Mixed Strength Study: Barbell Vs. Kettlebell

    Hey StrongFirst friends, So I came across this study in my research for a presentation for class and at the last NSCA conference. Its a preliminary study looking at strength benefits of kettlebell training in comparison to barbell training, I'll post the study so you can look at the methods and...
  7. Carl

    Forum Business Q&A with Pavel

    A somewhat regular (bi-monthly) Q&A with Pavel when he is back online would get my vote. Maybe question submissions could be upvoted and then the top 3-5 questions get answered in the forum. Tim Ferriss does something similar and it leads to some really interesting insights. Just a suggestion.
  8. Carl

    Bodyweight When to end a set?

    Hi all, I'm interested in hearing thoughts and experiences of stopping most sets based on when speed starts slowing down. Is this as hard as StrongFirst recommends pushing a set outside of record attempts? My focus is higher rep bodyweight basics (chins, dips, skater squats). I come from...
  9. Carl

    Other/Mixed Where's Pavel?

    Hi all, I can't be the only one wondering (and looking forward to) when we will next see something new from Pavel. I'm sure whatever he is working on will be worth the wait but do we know when we will see some new posts from him?
  10. Kerry Davis

    Off-Topic What is StrongFirst?

    After an amazing three days at The Dome this year, the long drive home was ripe with summation of the weekend and contemplation of what I just became a part of. This is what I wrote on the way home: In the lifting world there has been a history of ego and an unspoken standard of needing to...
  11. Kerry Davis

    Kettlebell SFG Kettlebell Course NY

    Just letting you know that there is one week left to sign up for the User Course in Victor NY (Western NY)! Sign up here
  12. Adam Kownacki


    Hey, What would you guys suggest for leg conditioning for boxing?
  13. Abdul-Rasheed

    Other/Mixed StrongFirst Philosophy - which book?

    I own several books pavel wrote, and a few others too. I would like to know in your opinion which book conveys the philosophy of training used by StrongFirst best? The is to get a few copies to give my friends as gift. Or folks who wonder why I train differently. Thank you.
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