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grip strength

  1. bencrush

    For those wondering if Grease-The-Groove works

    Recently I've had an increase in blog and email inquires about whether GTG "works" or not. Well, most likely everyone who has spent time here knows that it works quite well. And likely has for millenia for various physical pursuits. But the first time I read about it was from @Pavel writing...
  2. offwidth

    Other/Mixed Got Grip?

  3. silveraw

    Other/Mixed Some cool display of Grip Strength

    I didn't see this brought up anywhere and grip used to be one of the big topics around here. Gabi Dixson did an incredible performance at Words Strongest Nation competition in the Hurcules Hold. She came in second only to Mark Felix (who is a titan of grip). It was really cool to see a mixed...
  4. Other/Mixed Grip Strength: How do I Fix Uneven Progress?

    Good morning! This morning, I tested my max reps for both my right and left hand on the CoC #0.5. While my right hand had progressed from 8 to 15 reps over a couple of weeks, my left hand hadn’t progressed at all- it was still at 2 reps-and-almost-closing 3. Very grateful for the right-handed...
  5. wowzer

    Kettlebell Grip Strength Training

    Any recommendations on grip strength tools for S&S? I've worked past timed Simple and am working towards Sinister and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on devices or exercises to specifically focus on grip training for swings.
  6. Kettlebell Simple easy, beyond... not so much (grip issues with swings beyond 32kg)

    Okay so, I've been using (& loving S&S) for some time now and regularly do 'Simple' timeless a couple of times a week and time myself doing it now and then to make sure I haven't "lost it" over the past couple of years. So far, things are very good in this department. Additionally, I have...
  7. workout union

    Bodyweight Grip Strength Question

    Hey there, I will left here a video of the exercises that I normaly do for grip strenght, but I was hoping for some different exercises that you use or have seen, that aren't in the video. Anyone?
  8. Other/Mixed Crushed to Dust Challenge

    Crushed-to-Dust!® Challenge - Rules for Certification I would be interested to know if anyone here has done this, or is currently training for this. Thanks
  9. Kettlebell S&S+suitcase walk and some questions.

    Brand new to forum first post sorry if I'm not using proper ediqute. Really sorry if this has been addressed already. So to get to the point with details to follow below. I have decided to add suitcase walk (farmer's walk with KB in one hand) at the end of my S&S regiment as a supplemental grip...
  10. Other/Mixed Strongfirst Approved Grip Programs

    For the purpose of doing exercise anywhere, I'd like the ability to do pinch grip pullups. I have enjoyed using an adjustable product similar to the Ivanko Super Gripper to conveniently practice pinching strength. The problem is that I can pinch 40lbs one-handed for only about one second with...
  11. bencrush

    Other/Mixed Strong Hands Heal Faster...And Are Useful In Car Wrecks

    Strong hands heal faster...than weak hands. They are also so much more useful when everything is on the line. It's something I've seen over the past 15 years of my grip training and job in corrections. I have had various hand injuries (broken bones, dislocations of fingers, etc.) from car...
  12. Kettlebell Forearm/Grip Maintenance

    Interested to hear what you find works best for maintaining good forearm health. Im a regular with the lacrosse ball, voodoo band and the occasional massage. I have seen the Arm Aid tool and I am interested if anyone has experience with this device or any others that might be floating about out...
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