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  1. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB Looking for Indian club recommendations

    Hi guys, I listened to the LEO Training Podcast with Phil Scarito this morning (Podcast). It was fantastic, by the way. I am extremely interested in the discipline of Indian club swinging. I am looking to get a 2 lb. set of clubs to get started with and I notice there are two main types, the...
  2. Oscar

    Kettlebell Help with S&S stretching exercises?

    Hi all, I'm not finding it easy to do the S&S stretching exercises. On both exercises I find it hard to hold the position as I find both quite uncomfortable (besides the stretch feel that is usually not that confortable). Also, for the 90-90, I'm not so sure how to find the position or if I'm...
  3. Pavel Macek

    Other/Mixed 4 Weeks to Flexible Steel Challenge

    Jon Engum, StrongFirst Master SFG, Flexible Steel International founder & chief instructor, last week wrote: “Flexible Steel Challenge. This week I challenge KB5 one of the best gyms in the world to be Flexible Steel.” Thank you for your kind words, Jon - challenge of course accepted...
  4. Steve Freides

    Off-Topic I'm Leading a Flexible Steel Workshop on May 21 in Putnam Valley, NY

    Become Flexible Steel - learn to Bend but not Break. Flexible Steel Instructor Certification (Putnam Valley, New York) - RegOnline -S-
  5. Kettlebell Forearm/Grip Maintenance

    Interested to hear what you find works best for maintaining good forearm health. Im a regular with the lacrosse ball, voodoo band and the occasional massage. I have seen the Arm Aid tool and I am interested if anyone has experience with this device or any others that might be floating about out...
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