1. natewhite39


  2. Motivating Quotes

    Remember the Titans was on TV today. Great movie with some great quotes. This one in particular stuck out today. "I run 6 plays, split veer. It's like novacaine. Just give it time, always works." -Coach Boone Good advice. I could probably rotate 6 of my favorite training sessions to get into...
  3. DavThew

    Reflections on "Workout ADHD"

    After a recent SFG user day course, and a decent amount of reflection I have come to some conclusions about my behaviour in relation to exercise and program hopping. My training age is quite young. I am 27 and started training with weights at the age of 22. As was pointed out on my course, “You...
  4. Bajzath


    Kettlebell motivation Kettlebell juggling1 Kettlebell juggling2 Kettlebell juggling3
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