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How times have changed…

Throughout my life seasons have changed. I have gone from going to the gym 6 times a week, living 8 minutes from work, to being married with 3 kids and now travelling 1.5 hours to work and the same if not longer in traffic for a return trip… 12 hour shifts… whinge whinge whinge… Excuses built up… As a result gym time is non existent.

Life just gets busy. So busy.

I didn’t have time to do anything.

I had been like this for years. Tried a heck of a lot of different quick fix programs with no results.

I was watching myself become unhealthy. Watching my eldest child and wife becoming unhealthy. Was not in a good place myself.

I can’t remember how I came across Aleks Salkin… I just remember I started with the 9 minute program.

Come on… 9 minutes a day?? Pfft I didn’t have an excuse to cover that…

I read it. It made sense. Simple. I could do it. I had my wife and eldest son do the program with me. They loved it too.

Things began to change. We went from nothing to 9 minutes a day. 6 days a week. Then my Son would ask if we could do more. I wanted more too.

I joined Aleks Salkin email list. Damn that lad can make me chuckle with his writing. He kinda thinks like me too (poor bloke. Lol.).

I wanted more.

I found more with his other programs…

Wait. A podcast too???

No more crappy music on my commute.

Quickly got through the podcasts and look forward to more…

I had done a lot of different programs from Aleks Salkin. The results I have gotten have kept me going. Being able to swap to a different program, rotating through them, then coming back for more. It keeps it fresh. My wife and son are keen to keep going.

The other two kids are getting involved too.

I’ve seen changes in myself but the results I have seen in my wife and son have been the kicker that had me sold.

I can’t sing enough praises of Aleks Salkin and the programs he writes.

The way he is programming and sharing his information is affecting so many more people than he realises.

I share his program with everyone I can. When people ask me what I’m doing for training now I send them a link. Show them how I got started.

I could keep going but must finish up.

If you haven’t already done so, check out Aleks Salkin 9 minute workout. You won’t regret it. Share it around. Others will thank you.

Keep up the great work Aleks!! You are impacting people more than you realise.

Thank you for getting me back into training. Thank you for putting together programs that have helped my wife and son get interested in training. Thank you for the impact you have had on the future generations of my family.
Agreed! Aleks does great programs!

I am a huge fan of

Dawn of the Deadbug


Bodyweight Mastery Course

Rings Course

Those are my favorites I have done of his but all of them are very well done!
Agreed! Aleks does great programs!

I am a huge fan of

Dawn of the Deadbug


Bodyweight Mastery Course

Rings Course

Those are my favorites I have done of his but all of them are very well done!

There is a whole program just around deadbugs??
I did dawn of the deadbug as a warm-up and cooldown when I ran Kettlebell burn reloaded

I have often said I suspect it helped when I unlocked timeless sinister getups

Epic abs laid the foundation for me in building up to multiple rep dragon flags
There is a whole program just around deadbugs??

There are two types of programs. One type is called challenges. This is intended as a three week to month long focus that is supplemental to your regular program. For example, I just finished one called Day of the Deadlift, which involves multiple KB deadlift variations at high volume. I wanted to improve my hinge patterning for barbell deadlifts. I felt swings were not enough and not the right depth and transfer. KB work is recommended in Dynamite Deadlift, the new strongfirst publication or rerelease. In this way, you choose a focus, weakness or muscle imbalance and work on that while doing your regular program. A recent program is on calf development for example.

The other type are the main programs, which are the focus of your workouts usually three days a week.

The programs contain detailed background and instructions and a set program. For a lot of people, the programming is the issue. Not everyone likes to do their own programming or tinkering. Sticking to the program gets better results. Yes, you can find a lot of information online but it is all there in the PDF file written out, which I also like, and easy to review. There is also usually something different or a different take on the program as well as useful regressions and variations for different levels. I learned more about scapular strength and mobility from one of his programs and have been working on that lately, for example. For those who have a tendency to program hop, the three week or month long focus helps. In addition, there are always variety guides or more advanced versions. For example, weighted deadbugs! Of course, you can cycle through programs throughout the years by varying difficulty or as maintenance. I usually take the best moves from various programs and put them into a regular maintenance/mobility routine. I also find that having a daily or almost daily focus for a month that is cycled through the year gets better results than a well-balanced year-round routine.

The other reason that the programs appeal is I speculate that there is a subset of the StrongFirst community who like some combination of Kettlebells, bodyweight, Original Strength (which he emphasizes), and some standard hypertrophy supplemental work. I believe that he serves this niche well. His programs don't include barbell work, not because he doesn't think it is valuable, but he does a good job of staying in his niche. He also clearly enjoys writing his copy.

Aleks is an SFG2 and OS instructor and SF site author: Aleks Salkin, Author at StrongFirst
I'm really glad to hear so many folks here have been enjoying my programs (and I'm glad to see some familiar names - hi Mark and Mike)

If anyone has any questions on any of them - or on my 9 Minute Kettlebell & Bodyweight Challenge - feel free to ping me and let me know. I'm all ears.
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