1. Oscar

    Bodyweight 6 week program for One Arm Push Up

    Hi all, I´m starting @Karen Smith ´s 6 week program for the OAPU: https://www.strongfirst.com/6-week-program-master-oaoaol-push/ Since the beginning of the year I´ve been doing a GTG program of regular push ups and worked to a max of 40. Now I´d like to work my way to the OAPU. I tested...
  2. adam718

    Bodyweight Smith Machine for OAPU Practice

    Hey All, I was curious what you all thought about using the SM for OAPU practice. In NW Pavel discusses the importance of corkscrewing your hand to create tension, however, “breaking the bar” would also provide irradiation. I ask because the SM is easy to set up at different heights as I’m a...
  3. Bodyweight Progressive Movement Training and bodyweight

    I have been reading Beyond Bodybuilding, and have recently reread the chapter about 'Progressive Movement Training'. In summary, you can gain squat or bench press strength by lifting heavy with a partial range of motion, and gradually increasing the range of motion. It seemed like pistol squats...
  4. Bodyweight elevated OAPU form check

    This elevation that feels like 4RM. I did 3 reps on the LHS and 2.5 on the RHS. I lost footing on my right leg as I started the last concentric. I was more concentrated on total body tension during the left arm reps.
  5. Bodyweight OAPU sore shoulders

    A while back I was working on my push ups, and I found that my shoulders would get sore in a way that didn't feel great. Like, the soreness would start on the day of training rather than the day after like typical DOMS. I've had similar symptoms in the past from barbell bench press. I've always...
  6. DanielRunkel

    PlanStrong/BuiltStrong Question on how to program a Plan Strong cycle for the OAPU

    Hi, everyone. Has anyone tried this? Would you choose an alternative exercise for each intensity zone or rate the intensity on the height of the support, 100% being the ground? I'm curious to previous solutions. The first one I came up with was: 100% - OAPU, 1RM 92.5% - Half OAPU, 2 reps, as...
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