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  1. Adachi

    Programming Improv Thoughts on how I overtrained my lower back

    MY HISTORY I'm still young in training and ignorant of many ideas in physical training. I know about some kettlebell movements from trying it and using breadcrumbs left by SFGs who left behind a decentralized encyclopedic library of tutorial content. I used S&S to achieve a base of strength, I...
  2. hendobeatz

    Kettlebell Returning to training after frying Endocrine System *sissy move*

    Greetings girevichkas & gireviks! In early July of 2020, I'm embarrassed to say I fried my endocrine/nervous system following the fads of too much fasted HIIT training with moderate to heavy kettlebells. Quarantine, YouTube & Instagram "fitness gurus"/"biohackers", and my own ignorance caught...
  3. Bodyweight Could i be over training?

    Hey! My max pull up reps used to be 17 a month ago thanks to GTG, then i changed my workout program to weighted calisthenics training, and been training push/pull together on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It's been a lot of fun and i'v progressed a lot on ring dips (could be because i'm new to...
  4. Thomas-NNC

    Off-Topic Chronic Fatigue

    I'd like to connect with anyone who has recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and gone on to maintain a KB routine. I am passionate about kettlebells and have been a student of movement and fitness through my adult life. However, my ongoing struggle with chronic fatigue (12 years) means...
  5. Selouyanov’s hypertrophy routine - my experience so far

    I just completed 3rd week of “slow twitch fiber protocol” from SF articles series and I ran into a problem. Here is my plan: Monday: squats - 30 sec x4 Tuesday: push ups - 30 sec x4 Wednesday: inverted rows - 30 sec x4 Thursday: squats - 30 sec x1 Friday: push ups - 30 sec x1 Saturday: inverted...
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