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pistol squat

  1. Bodyweight I've Created A New Exercise!

    This exercise will develop your chin ups and single leg strength for pistols. Put your chin up bar to pec level, do chin ups while standing on one leg You hold onto the bar while at the bottom of the pistol squat, then you pull/chin yourself up while standing up on your single leg. I call it...
  2. Other/Mixed Wiry strength applied to pistol squat

    In PTTP wiry strength protocol, Pavel suggests 5-day training, 2 sets of 5 reps with 3 to 5 min rest between sets, the second set having 90% of first set weight (if recommendations for wiry strength have changed, please let me know). Currently, I have some shoulder issues that prevent me from...
  3. Kettlebell Kettlebell or Barbell

    Hello all, I have a question mainly targeted towards any one with military experience or similar. I have been a Police officer for several years and am soon to be joining the Army in an infantry role, with about 12 weeks to train before I begin training. I was planning on using the “Black...
  4. Graham Henderson

    Kettlebell Blood Perfusion

    Hi there, I recently re-read the article: Strength Training and the Benefits of Perfusion | StrongFirst and wanted to know what types of strength training would maximize this effect. The paper that Dr. Hartle references in the article uses studies with both aerobic and resistance training...
  5. Mikeperry

    Bodyweight Pistol tutorial

    Good Morning! Here is a pistol tutorial that I put together. This has helped several people achieve their first pistol. It was originally recorded on Facebook live and I finally found a way to upload it to youtube. I hope this helps some of you. Have a strong day!
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