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  1. Mikeperry

    Other/Mixed New podcast with Brett Jones/Mike Perry

    Good morning friends! Brett and I are excited to share some awesome news with you. We have a podcast!! Here are the details!! Welcome to season 2 of the MED podcast! We are excited to announce a new co-host, Brett Jones. This season, join Brett Jones, StrongFirst Director of Education and...
  2. silveraw

    Off-Topic A curated collection of my favorite SF related podcasts

    I listen to a lot of podcasts and have a whole ton of them saved for reference. My Spotify wrapped was shaming me for being one of the top 5% podcast listeners on the platform... So here is a collection of my favorite strongfirst related episodes that I listened to this past year! Pavel...
  3. Other/Mixed Progression to swings

    On the 12/27/2018 StrongFirst podcast, Dr. McGill explains (41:45-42:06) that not everyone can do swings. He said some people need to "build [a] stiffened foundation first." Have any of you worked with students who you realized had to do other training before starting swings? If so, what...
  4. Bauer

    Kettlebell Pat Flynn TGU material

    Hi folks, I thought some of you might find this interesting. Pat Flynn is about to start a TGU challenge (10 minutes a day) and has produced some free material for it. 17 minutes video with Aleks Salkin: 5 Fun, Effective Turkish Get Up Variations for Strength, Endurance, and Mobility -...
  5. Kettlebell New Podcast by Craig Marker

    Great Discussion with Craig on the Beyond The Kill Podcast. Definitely worth a listen. Episode 111: Age Defying Fitness with Craig Marker - Journal of Mountain Hunting
  6. Pavel Macek

    Other/Mixed StrongFirst, old-school training, books... [podcast]

    I had the honor to be featured (thanks to my StrongFirst brother @Mark Limbaga , SFG2, SFL, SFG) at a Fitness Blitz Radio Podcast and had a chance to talk little bit about StrongFirst, old-school strength training, martial arts, books, and drinking tea. Friends, colleagues, enjoy! Fitness...
  7. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell The Conquer Podcast: Master SFG Zar Horton

    Episode 021: Kettlebells with Zar Horton of Firebellz from The Conquer Podcast
  8. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Podcast: Kettlebells and the Psychology of Training

    Podcast #295: Kettlebells and the Psychology of Training | The Art of Manliness
  9. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Recommended Podcast's: Brett Jones & Dan John

    Grab a legal pad and your favorite pencil, class is now in session.... Brett Jones: Training with Kettlebells from Shred Shed Podcast Dan John part 1 of 2 from Shred Shed Podcast
  10. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell PodCast - StrongFirst COO Craig Marker "What it means to build the Anti-Fragile Self"

    RT 197 | Dr. Craig Marker – What It Means To Build The Anti-Fragile Self
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