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  1. Blake Nelson

    I am not smarter than Brett Jones: My SFG 2 training journal.

    Last year I successfully completed my SFG 1. This year I will train to complete the level 2 certification held in Denver, CO led by Brett Jones. I have two major challenges facing me. Number one is the strength standard for the certification: I need to press a kettlebell equal to one-half of my...
  2. Mitchell Bernier

    Mitch Bernier - (Blended) Power and Bodyweight

    Hi all!!! Small intro: 37 years old, 160lbs SFL certified, former USA (Metro) boxing boxer @ 135lbs and 147lbs (53-13-1), FMS and USATF certified, CSCS in the works, Currently a marathoner 8 months yearly, the other 4-5 months powerlifter Recent injuries: About 6 months ago I tweaked my back...
  3. coosbaylarson

    2018 Sinister Training

    48 Years old. Busy full-time business owner, wife and mom. Part-time strength coach. My goals for 2018 are Sinister and re-certifying the SFL. I've signed up to take the SFL in November and am excited to attend as a student again after assisting in 2016. My focus for the last couple years...
  4. Pavel Macek

    Barbell Tips for SFL Barbell Candidates [Video Series]

    #1: Deadlift
  5. Pavel Macek

    Barbell Doc Hartle, Chief SFL: Get SFL Barbell StrongFirst!

    Doctor Michael Hartle, Master SFG/Chief SFL was kind to shoot an invitation to the StrongFirst SFL Barbell Certification we organise in Prague, Czechia, September 15-17. Czech it out! See you there!
  6. Pavel Macek

    Barbell StrongFirst SFL Barbell Cert Reviews

    My brother-in-arms Colin Stewart just posted an excellent review of StrongFirst SFL Barbell Cert (December 2015, UK) - please check it out here: StrongFirst Lifters Instructor Certification – Lillieshall Dec 2015
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