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Kettlebell Bent Press to Strict Press Ratio

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Kyle Kowalczuk

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Hey everyone,

I am just reaching out to see if anyone has come across or would share their own max bent press to max strict press weights. I understand that the bent press should be the press used for most weight overhead. For me it is about even with 40kg. I can do more with dynamic movements such as push press, jerk, and natural press but those are my static lift numbers. My strict press may actually be more but because of the jump in bell weights I can't tell.

Thank you

Shahaf Levin

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Not my numbers... But those of a real lifter...
Arthur Saxon
Bent press: 371 lbs.
One arm military press: 126 lbs.
One arm clean&jerk: 247 lbs.

I think it is safe to say that when technique is not the obstecale a noticable difference should be in favor of the bent press.

I haven't maxed in over a year, but last maxing was 32 Bent press and 24 strict. Can comfortably bent press 36, can not strict press 28


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When I bent pressed 56 kg with my right, I could strictly press 32 kg for reps, but did not manage 36 kg. Some 8 years ago I did not do bent pressing, but could press 36 kg. When tried to learn the bent press, it was weaker then the strict press!

Just to summarise, the bent press is more whole body exercise, and despite also getting more stability in shoulders, you still have to press to be better at the strict press. And, the bent press is much a skill exercise.

Just my own experience.

Maine-ah KB

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28kg strict press and 36 bent press. If I was technically more proficient at the bent press I believe it would be heaver as I tend to side press the last couple of inches sometimes.

Edit. the day I posted this I hit unplanned 32kg press. i was wondering why 28 felt so heavy.
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Max Bent Press : 40kg r+L
Max strict press: 32kg R / 28kg L
C&J 6rm = 24kg but double bell...

Bent press with good form allows one to get the most weight overhead with one arm.

Bent press form is very personal.

Bent press sfg standard isnt 100% the same as the classic bent press. For one sfg allows the unloaded hand to touch the floor. And this Imho makes it look more like a windmill. Also many people seem to bend more sideways instead of forward & twist (diagonally) This sideways bending isnt wrong... but simply not as strong.
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