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  1. lais817

    Other/Mixed Getting through a "mental block" with a certain weight

    I've got an issue with the 24kg bell for presses. It's gotten into my head and even though it is my 2-3RM, I look at it and think to myself "I can't press that bell". It makes me rush my reps, and it's almost as if I'm scared of it. I can easily TGU it, jerk it and swing it til the cows come...
  2. getthe1620

    Bodyweight Questioning about HSPU & Press Carryover

    Hi. I have a question :) I'm curious about how much the strength gained from OAP and HSPU would be useful in the press without specifically training for the KB MP. After recently obtaining my SFB certification, I have been continuing to practice OAP and wall-supported HSPU. When I became...
  3. Bajzath

    Press variation with two bells

    Press variation with two bells.
  4. Rapid loss of strength?

    Hi every one, I have just experienced a rapid loss of strength (at least thats what I think) and I would like to consider other perspectives, maybe it is normal and I am over thinking it. Let me give you a bit of context. I did the Maximorum program with a pair of 30 kg bells and at the end of...
  5. Bajzath

    Artem Taran advanced kettlebell training

    Artyem Taran
  6. masa

    Kettlebell The Red Zone

    I don't know whether anyone is currently complying with this program. Started a new thread, because the previous one is closed. Here's the old Kettlebell - The Red Zone (Pavel, T. Program) and here's the program Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: The Red Zone - Weighing between this RZ program and...
  7. Kettlebell RoP alternate rep scheme

    I seem to recall Pavel mentioning in an old forum that there are alternate ways to program the ladder in RoP - something along the lines of 3x(1,2,3,4,5) for heavy days, but I can't seem to find the post anywhere. Does anyone have a link or remember that discussion?
  8. Kettlebell Press: clicking in shoulder on descent

    This past year I've been doing Simple and Sinister, and I've got my TGU up to 40 kg. I've never done any pressing other than to practice a couple reps. This coming year, I'd like to incorporate a few cycles of ROP Clean and Press, but I've noticed a clicking in my right shoulder on the first...
  9. John Spezzano

    Kettlebell In case you missed my press article from last week.

    Hey all, Last week StrongFirst published my most recent article that details my experience on a press program I built around using only one medium sized kettlebell. I did the program due to work, time, and gear constraints. I hope you enjoy it! Get Stronger with One Kettlebell | StrongFirst
  10. Will Havins

    Off-Topic Balancing high cardiovascular fitness, mastering the kettlebell press, and maintaining other Strong First lifts

    Hi! Wanted to hear all of you guys amazing thoughts on something I've been working on for awhile now. I have a passion for endurance training and am running a half marathon every month (which is a new challenge for me). I am also slowly looking to attain mastery of the kettlebell press...
  11. Boles

    Kettlebell Double-Jointed TGU and Press

    Both of my elbows and knees are double-jointed. I read one thread here about double-jointed work, but I'm specifically curious if an arm lockout for a Press and the TGU should include the full extension of my elbow into its, for me, natural double-jointed state, or if I should more rely on...
  12. Kettlebell ROP “GED” & Strict Press Form

    I’ve been struggling w/ progressing on pressing this 24kg after doing S+J gtg style. It feels like I never really retain the gains from one week to another & “own the weight”. I previously pressed this weight for a 3RM last week fairly easily—this week I’m experiencing the same bad form I...
  13. Eric Wilson

    Kettlebell Best way to improve my press

    I've been doing S&S, and I'm at the point of timeless 24kg. No catchy name for that, I know it's where many of you started. I'm 47yo man, under 130 pounds, without natural strength, and with less than a year of strength training, mainly with kettlebells (no barbells at all). I think it would be...
  14. Kettlebell S&S + Press

    Hi SF community. I would like to pick your brains on how pressing could be best incorporated along S&S. I had been on S&S for over a year and after doing some tests I realized my press is worse than I expected. Doing get ups with 32 and 40kg I could only press 24kg for a 2RM. I pressed a 28kg...
  15. TSC Is it necessary to press

    If your training heavy snatches is it necessary to do any other pressing? I can’t think what muscles would be trained by a press that aren’t trained by the 3 TSC lifts given the snatches are heavy enough.
  16. Kettlebell ROP but with a barbell for two sessions

    Can I still expect results if I substitute two of the press ladder sessions for the same rep/sets but with a barbell thats double my kettlebell weight? For example Monday (heavy day); 24kg bell, 5 x (1,2,3,4) Wednesday (light day); 50kg bar, 5 x (1,2) Friday (medium day); 50kg bar; 5 x...
  17. Barbell Pttp is not going well for presses a possible alternative ?

    Good similar daily program ? Maybe the justa singles programs but the problem is i can only can go 5 days a week to the gym not 7 any help and thanks !!!! Also there is this special deadlift program that pavel apparently wrote from an old thread is this for real !!!! And could a similar type of...
  18. Barbell POwer to the people help !! Please

    hello im 21 years old i purchased power to the people i ve been working out around 2.5 years now i have gained some muscle and also some fat i m intrigued by the PTTP program im 86kg now around 20-25% bodyfat i want to lose some fat and i want to get stronger my best DL 145kgx3 press 60kgx2 and...
  19. Kettlebell Neck Development

    Hello Friends, This question is both aesthetic and performance related. Will kettlebell lifts like the Clean and Press, Bent press...well pressing in general, help develop a muscular/defined neck? Or do I need to address it directly by performing neck bridges or plate loaded neck extensions...
  20. Kettlebell C&P: stretch shortening cycle

    I'm wondering about whether/when to employ a stretch shortening cycle during a clean and press. I'm not a particularly advanced trainee, with my 1RM C&P at 24kg, but my proprioception is pretty good. With strict presses on my 40 lb bell, I have about a 7 RM, but if I do C&P with a technique...
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