Excellent summary article on fascia and training principles

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science behind coiling, spring, stretch reflex etc. in KB work.
The great easy to applicate no brainer to overthink, bang for all this buck and almost countless more would be the swing.

The "greatest" would be the snatch, as the coils of the whole big backside gets stretched dynamically on the turnaround of the downswing, as the front gets some on the catch of the lockout.

other big ones:
- skin the cat for arms, shoulder, pecs, back.
- hanging statically or dynamically on the Sprossenwand (stall bars) is unparalleled for the sides
- ab wheel rollouts for the front
- bridging


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Scott Sonnon's "Flow Fit" method also works pretty well to maintain good overall mobility.
Here is an example, but plenty of videos are available on youtube with "sonnon flow fit"

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