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Fat loss and Muscle gain (not versus)

I’ve never done Dry Fighting weight. My 5RM is 18 kg and I’m waiting for my second bell to come in. I guess I could start it with 2x16s. I have 2x20s but would need to push press them after the first rep I think.
I've added 2x16kg to my rotation, maybe 3or4 times per month. the double clean, Jerk, squat,Jerk. WOWOWOW! yah. one day i will do 2 reps in a set :) for now, it's helping me lose fat and stay strong in the space of: just be active.
My other 18 kg bell came this week so starting my journey on Dry Fighting Weight tomorrow. Going to run the program exactly through this time with two 18s, my 5RM. Will also be in slight caloric deficit or try to lol. For me that’s like 1900 calories. Not going to be crazy about it but will try to stick to that. I have no problem with that during the week but harder with weekends.
Will also be in slight caloric deficit or try to lol
It's weird. I started with a dietician almost 2 months ago and really believe that I'm eating quite a bit more than I did over the previous 3 months, and my training intensity or volumen has slowly increased every so-often. I was losing 1kg/month since April when I dedicated myself to fat-loss, then over 500g/week since mid-August. my last 3 weeks has been stable at 83.xxkg because I took extra 'free meal days' 2 weeks in a row. Week1: I needed a mental break so indulged myself; week2 was our Heritage Day public holiday, used to be King Shaka's day, but we expanded it from the Zulu nation to included all in our diverse country... we feasted at the office, and then feasted at home! Then I've been re-stabilizing myself this past week. I'm happy with the lessons learnt: I understand better how I will deal with December feasting (year-end parties, my birthday, Christmas, New-years day), well, I have a plan, I need to execute it:)

what's the difference in my diet? I always thgouht that I ate well, and this diet generally reaffirmed it, but:
- LOTS of VARIOUS vegetables...which I always did, so no real change here. funny that I had to reduc the amount of fruit. I didn't expect this.
- ZERO Bread, almost zero Pasta, very little brown rice, some wraps (roti in my case), some rye bread, very little potatoe. this has been the first big change! cutting out bread was difficult in the first days...most of my meals include curries so this was a tough switch (curry with no roti/bread/rice goes against my culture!)
- MUCH more meat and fish and eggs then I was eating. This is the other big change. ok, I was on a drive to reduce meat over the past years. so i ate huge meat meals 3or5 times per month. now I have 150g of meat almost every day. 2or3 eggs almost every day, and 150g fish 3 per week. I ate a fair amount of meat almost everyday for most of my adult life...quite a lot actualy:)
-"150g of meat almost every day. 2or3 eggs almost every day, and 150g fish 3 per week"...honestly, I don't get to eat so much according to the plan everyday! I'm ok with it because I do balance off with the friday drinks/dinner with my friends or huge saturday lunch with my parents
- there is no menu for, my wife says I shouldn't eat on sundays, I say I can eat what I want on sundays ;) ;) so Sundays is now my only take-out day...well, there are those days when I'm in the office and someone buys dinner when we are there till late
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